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Easily rowed with good directional stability thanks to its deep keel, the 220 can also be powered by the smallest of outboard motors. I want to build this boat as a end of summer project, but I'm confused on how to read the diagrams on the other website.
The 220 looks so pretty wea€™ve even supplied them just as ornaments for immaculate koi carp ponds! I used a design by Hannu Vartiala, a very generous boat enthusiast who has graciously provided boat plans free of charge on his website. As a member, if you see something you do not like and feel it shouldn't be on the forum, be it someones behavior, a post, or thread that you feel violates the rules you CAN USE THE BLACK TRIANGLE that's located at the bottom left side of every post.

If you are seeing the footer over the first message please disable compatibility mode in Internet Explorer. Trimmed in Iroko hardwood with moulded seats fore and aft to provide buoyancy, the beautiful hardwood centre thwart finishes this boat off nicely.
Thanks, I started building the boat around 12:00 and finished the outside fiberglassing about an hour ago.
The finished product wasn't a great deal harder to handle than a one ply boat, and I could get both boats in the back of the pickup (turned on their sides). Galvanised metal rowlocks, hardwood transom pad and stainless forward mooring ring are all fitted as standard.
Thank you for the Instructable - it really fills in some information gaps in Hannu's instructions.

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This project covers the construction of two rowboats that are primarily constructed with three sheets of plywood. These two shots are just showing what the boat looked like after it was all screwed together with the ribs and transom.

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