Also note that every one of our playground slide derriere boats has three standard pairs of oarlocks For safe rowing carrying out a boat’s hull necessarily to be on its designed.
The latest in rowing shell design and technology available from a Canadian manufacturer, designed to outperform the competition.
Summer Clearance Specials Save 15% on Cambridge, Regatta's and on the Heritage 15 footers No waiting, New boats are here now in stock - Contact us now to secure your new Sliding seat rowing craft! Many peoples experience and perception of row boats has been influenced by boats such as dingy tenders or by rowing a boat that was especially designed for an outboard motor, rowing such boats has unfortunately caused many to developed the belief that rowing is a chore, hard work and slow going. On the other hand a properly designed rowing craft like the Heritage with her traditional lines and gorgeous looks is easily pulled through the water and is an absolute pleasure to row, so much so, that when people experiance rowing one of these craft they find it so enjoyable they often just want to keep going, and when finally finished always look forward to their next row. Slide seat rowing boats are not only so much more dryer, comfortable, and safer than kayaks they are much more efficient because all the energy from your legs is utilized to drive the boat forward.
Good for the body, good for the mind, and good for the environment, as you explore you will become more active, fitter, more alive, more responsive to your surroundings and more a part of them. The focus and concentration required in rowing can also help improve your cognitive functions.
Row boat soft bait fishing: Rowing boats are also the perfect platform for soft bait fishing, its like row boats and soft bait fishing were designed for each other, I have caught many good sized snapper soft bait fishing from my rowing boat while standing up and drifting across the shallows, I have also caught many large snapper drifting my rowing boat off shore in the open sea, I have found soft bait fishing from the Heritage to be a lot of fun, and unlike fishing from sea kayak both my fishing gear and myself stay dryer and I can cover longer distances more quickley than was possible in the kayak.
Fully Equipped Sliding seat Heritage 15, Note the wide angle forward vision mirrror and a fish finder, it also has underfoot rod holders so rods are always at an easy reach for casting or trolling, near the bow end there is a chilly bin with ice ready to receive the catch!. Adventure craft such as our Cambridge and Regatta shells have been developed specifically for Adventure rowing, they are more stable than flat water racing shells, adventure shells such as these are great for fun and exercise, In calm waters almost anyone can row one, and with a little bit of practice they can even handle the ocean on a light breezy day. Never discount the winter time for rowing, the Winter often presents some of the best rowing conditions available during the year, calm and settled, often making our harbours and lakes like a milpond, the winter is often the best time to experiance the pleasure of rowing. Rowing Perfection specialise in supplying "recreational" Adventure slide seat rowing boats and rowing skiffs in NZ, we also supply competitive rowing shells for club use. Our Recreational & Adventure Sliding seat rowing boats are gracefully fast and a pleasure to row, yet unlike the racing shells found at clubs these craft are stable enough that even if you are a complete novice you can learn to row one of our rowing shells or skiffs in an afternoon, yet rowing will remain a challenge throughout the years as you continue to improve. Kids (the earliest we suggest is between ages 10 and 12) will often pick it up more quickly than adults. The Extreme Sport of Open Water Adventure Rowing - Toss it on the car racks and go - Go anywhere.
Our sliding seat rowing skiffs, such as the Heritage 15 or Heritage 18, are very stable, yet at cruising speed are just one mile per hour slower than a shell (Heritage 5mph, shell 6mph) you lose a little but gain a lot!, making these sliding seat rowing boats perfect for exercise, fishing or family trips.
Rowing Perfection is the authorised distributor for sliding seat rowing boats for sale in NZ and sliding seat rowing skiffs for sale in NZ for Little River Marine who Since 1977 have built over 10,000 Adventure Rowing Crafts. Our name Rowing Perfection was carefully chosen, as it not only describes what every rower aspires to achieve, it also describes the unsurpassed design and craftsmanship which is found in every craft produced by Little River Marine. Rowing Perfection bring the Little River Marine range of Row Boats, Shells and accessories to New Zealand. The Cambridge and Regatta shells which we have in stock come standard with self bailers (a must for open water rowing), have an unrigged weight of around 14 kg (Regatta) and 14.5kg (Cambridge). Our classic boats for sale such as our Heritage skiffs are stable safe craft, we stock them standard with the 2hp motor mount, & double rigged with two sliding seats so two people can row, all the double rigged craft from Little River Marine have the ability to convert back to a balanced single (with one sliding seat in the middle position), which takes only a few minutes to do.
If you want to get hooked on the sport of rowing, your going to fall in love with a Heritage skiff, a Regatta or Cambridge shell.
There are 3 basic kinds of rowing craft: flat water shells, open water shells, and traditional skiffs.
Lets say you opt for a Cambridge, but later decide you'd like to get a double, or maybe a racing shell.
Since 1977, Bill Larson has been designing and manufacturing rowing shells with an emphasis on superior quality.

Heritage Models As with our rowing shells, Little River has placed strict attention to ensuring that our skiffs deliver beyond the expectations of our customers. Most manufactures have become obsessed with ever stiffer and lighter oars and have forgotten about the comfort of the rower. Braca-sport now operates as an Eastern European joint venture with sophisticated modern production facilities in Kaunas, Lithuania, and a global marketing organisation in Budapest, Hungary. They are just so packed with good features, it's hard to list them all, but to understand the quality, take a look at this diagrammatical view of the how the blade is formed. Braca Sport chemical engineers were first to develop and incorporate proprietary epoxy gelcoat with UV protection in the oar construction, guaranteeing that the exceptionally good looks as well as all the high performance parameters and characteristics for every sculling oar produced are preserved for the longest period of time. And every Braca oar shaft carries a unique serial number, and precise records of weight, centre of gravity and stiffness are held by the factory, enabling any oar to be perfectly duplicated upon request. Those types of boats are indeed hard to row but do well at what they were designed for, so for example a dingy, that being the purpose of carrying a load from the shore to a boat hopefully moored not too far away.
The oars are pivoted on the oarlocks so the oars act as long, powerful levers that waste little energy, and allows great distances to be travelled with very little effort, even when carrying a load.
In addition to strengthening arm, leg, back and stomach muscles it increases stamina and cardiovascular endurance. You will feel good and appreciate that your actions do not disturb the stillness of the water environment in the way in which a motor boat does. Also Changing intensity levels, altering routes and playing around with recovery times "Mixing it about" has a great impact on the brain. No need to worry about high fuel prices or waiting for the boat mechanic to come out and fix those eternal problems on your outboard.
Our range of shells & skiffs are the perfect addition to any family, making rowing truely a family affair!. Safe and dry, these boats are aesthetically beautiful, well crafted and an absolute pleasure to row.
We have in stock Heritage Classic 15 footers, some with standard trim and some with teak trim and transom. We also have the classic hand-crafted Heritage 15 double appointed with teak transom and gunnels available in stock, these are the most well crafted and beautiful sliding seat rowing boats to be found in NZ. No problem Our published trade in policy guarantees you a generous trade in value on your current shell or skiff which you purchased from us new, for life. All of our rowing shells have complete carbon fibre decks and hulls which give superior perfomance and durability. The Heritage class all come standard with molded, non-skid interiors that provide a comfortable and dependable rowing craft.
Braca’s design philosophy has been to develop oars that are both comfortable and top performers.
Previously used mainly by Eastern European crews, they were for years the world’s best-kept secret in racing oars. But what really sets these blades apart from other well known brands is that they have no exposed foam core at the edges. Older traditional designs from before the age of internal combustion engines are excellent rowboats.
The negative thoughts that have been hovering around in your mind can vanish as you begin your row.
Rowing demands coordination between different functions keeping your brain active and fresh. The rhythm of the stroke promotes a sense of peacefulness rowing can do many things for your mind and body all on the one trip, maybe while trawling a lure as you explore the waters, islands and quiet natural shorelines.

With an Adventure rowing boat from Little River Marine you can go when you are ready, anytime!.
In a rowing shell some people like to start with a set of outrigger floats to really insure safe learning. Our boats are made in the United States at their home plant in Gainesville, Florida.Their knowledge and design in sliding seat rowing and lightweight construction far exceeds that of any other builder of this kind. We also stock the Heritage 18 footer, all the Heritage boats we currently stock are double rigged so two people can row, they can also be rowed as a balanced single.
In calm waters almost anyone can row one, and they take intermediate skills to row in choppy waters. Because of our racing background, our shells have 6 way adjustability to surpass the demand of those new to the sport. Also, our interiors come standard with passenger seats that can accommodate members of your family for a fun filled day on the lake. Now starting to take off in a big way in America and Western Europe, these oars represent the very highest quality and are without doubt exceptional value for money.
The blade is totally sealed, with the extra protection of an internal impact resistant strip. The exercise you get while rowing is absolutely without doubt the best kind of anti-depressant. We want to ensure that you'll always have the opportunity to row the boat that's best for you now and in the future.
You may also remove the six-wheeled, sliding seat from your heritage to convert to a traditional fixed-rowing craft. And the blade-to-shaft joint is smoothly faired and totally sealed against water penetration of the blade core. Or with a *$1200 (non-refundable) deposit we can have Little River Marine custom manufacture these or any other of their craft to your own personalized requirements (for this option allow about 2 to 3 months for manufacture and 1 month seafreight to our premises in Tauranga) *All boats are guaranteed against manufacturer faults and shipping damage. A unique feature to our skiffs is the fold-out rigger system that enables your Heritage to be stored easily.
My 16 ft The Yale Harvard rowing pelt along of 1870 marked amp turning point Indiana rowing boat technology. Finally, the full-length keel provides true tracking even through quartering seas and winds.
Braca has designed flex points into its shafts taking advantage of the oars ability to store and release energy. The Annapolis Wherry Tandem offers pureblood performance on the water supply combined with breathtaking grace.
Not only do these flex points improve the oars performance but rower feedback suggests that the flex points make the oars more comfortable.
Our boats are made inward the United States astatine our habitation plant in Gainesville Our knowledge in sliding seat rowing and lightweight expression far exceeds. Contact us with your needs and we'll contact you with any information you need to fit you with the best rowing shell.

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