Key WestFishing ChartersKey West is the fishing capital of the world with more fishing charters available than any other town in America. Key West Motor Boat, Yacht ChartersFrom private crewed motor yacht charters to power boat charters with a captain, these Key West boat charters take you where you want to go. Key West Dive Boats, Snorkel ToursThere’s no place in the country more popular for diving and snorkeling than Key West. There's no better way to spend a tropical evening in the Keys than on the water and onboard a beautiful 42' Catalina sailboat. Our Miami Half day and Sunset cruises are really popular, as much of the Miami front line can be explored in just four hours. From Miami Downtown we will explore Virginia key, Key Biscayne, Stiltsville, Coconut Grove. On a Miami full day Miami Boat Charter, we will show you inhabited Islands, Mangrove forest, deserted beaches cruising far South to Key Biscayne National park.
Ideal for snorkeling and diving aficionados John Pennekampa€™s underwater Park is mix of coral reefs and mangrove forest. Visiting Hemingwaya€™s house or the Mel Fishera€™s Museum or the sunset party held everyday at the Southern pier. Bimini consists of a number of islands, islets, and cays, including North and South Bimini, the main tourist areas. Bimini is still known as the big-game fishing capital of the world and fishermen come here throughout the year to fish in flats, reefs, and streams. Although winter is usually high season in The Bahamas, summertime visitors flock to Bimini's calmer waters, which are better for fishing.

The word Keys come from the Spanish wordA  a€?Cayosa€? or Calluses, so called for its shape when seen from the sea. Key West was a place for pirates and salvagers and for some years it was the richest city in the US. The Florida Keys can be considered the American Caribbean and features all the same amenities as other island destinations such as world class Florida Keys fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, boating, sailing, kayaking and eco-touring. We have designed some incredible Boat Charter packages that cover the most interesting places in and near Miami, the FloridaA  Keys and the Bahamas.
Get up close with Key West’s favorite sealife from dolphins to sea turtles on the nearby pristine reefs. From yachts to sailboats, these charters provide everything for the perfect Florida wedding. Dees onboard the beautiful 42' Catalina sailboat as you cruise around the tropical waters of Key West, Florida!
Or just sit back, relax, and enjoy the day out on the beautiful ocean snorkeling the beautiful reefs of Key West.
If you have a particular interest, just let us know and we will get back to you with a new cruise proposal. Discovered by Juan Ponce de Leon in his 1513 expedition, the Archipelago includes some 700 islands, covering 150,000 square miles of tropical sea with approximately 5,000 square miles of land. It was here that he wrote much of a€?To Have and Have Nota€? and his novel a€?Islands in the Streama€? put Bimini on the map. This fact has made Bimini a favorite cruising ground for America's yachting set, who follow the channel between North and South Bimini into a spacious, sheltered harbor, where they can stock up on food, drink, fuel and supplies at well-equipped marinas.

Each has its own special appeal, beginning with Turtle Rocks and stretching to South Cat Cay (the latter of which is uninhabited). Winter, especially from mid-December to mid-March, is quieter but the water temperature is so mild you donA?t even need a diving suit in December. Witness the spectacle of dolphins, stingrays, sea turtles, sharksA  and other exotic wildlife.
The most popular was the a€?Nuestra SeA±ora de Atochaa€?, where 400 million dollars of gold and silver bullion where discovered in the 1980 by adventurer Mel Fisher on the Marquesas keys, just a few miles off Key West. Marathon is known as the heart of the Florida Keys and offers many relaxing vacation resorts. Boating is one of the number one attractions and there are many different tours and trips to Looe Key for diving and snorkeling or out in the backcountry for fishing or bird watching. However, a classic schooner sail, whether it be a day sail, or sunset sail, is well known to be the quintessential Key West activity that will highlight your stay and be the lasting memory forever.South Florida sightseeing is all about getting on the water, seeing the wildlife, watching the Key West sunset with a loved one, and experiencing the adventure sailing in the great Key West Florida breeze. Today the Florida Keys have become a popular destination for Americans looking for a tropical vacation without leaving their own country. You can hide out in a tucked-away guesthouse, walk the beach to watch a beautiful sunset or dance all night and peruse Duval St, downtown Key West.
It is maintained by the same creators of Key West’s former pride, Schooner America.Classic Harbor Line in not only known for operating with amazing sailboats and classic yachts in Boston, New York, Newport, and Key West, but they are also renowned for their outstanding hospitality and customer service.

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