Location: Croatia On a Wayfarer you can stand on the gunwhale and it won't tip over. I have to agree with Bistros - don't look at anything less than 14ft if you want enough space to take you both in comfort. Actually PDRacer was one of the first pages I researched, and thought it is more of a boat than a Kayak, so headed away to find Kayak designs! Originally Posted by PAR but still only a child a mother could love in the chick magnet department, no matter how much bright mahogany trim you install. You will like these pics I got today (yes TODAY) from the philippines where a couple have been built.
If I was an advertising type I might suggest that this was a common risk for all PDRacer owners. The Goat Island Skiff and the 14' Raid boat look like great candidates - big enough to comfortable fit two.
Although you want a boat that basically can't capsize, you have to plan for the worst and assume it could happen. Location: Alliston, Ontario, Canada Matoi, I will take great care to ensure the missus doesn't see THAT site until after she has enjoyed a relaxed, leisurely trip around a really small lake!
Bistros: hauling the wet missus into anything afloat is definitely not in the plan, but I was thinking of having a boarding ladder so she could climb back over the transom, while I jeer from midships or perhaps something more appropriate. Location: Eustis, FL They're not that young, you're just old enough to think they are. Location: Alliston, Ontario, Canada Par, the RYD-8.4 looks very suited for my purpose, what does it weigh? As an aside, I notice that, on many Gunter rigs, the boom and gaff are similar in length, and I would assume in section too.
Location: Eustis, FL Less then 100 pounds with full exterior 'glass sheathing and rig.
I'd say there are quite a few candidates among the designs of Paul Fisher (Selway-Fisher) and Gavin Atkins. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. West Seattle Residence - by Lawrence Architects - combines steel, glass and concrete in a mix that's modern magic. Rambla House is a weekend home located in Zapallar, Valparaiso Region, along the central coast of Chile about 175km from Santiago.
Located in the hot climate of the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica, House Mecano was designed by Roblesarq to optimize passive cooling strategies through bio-climatic design. This contemporary glass and steel home makes a modern addition to this wooded Shelter Island, New York setting. Seattle architecture firm McClellan Architects designed this lake house as an ode to nature, but not in the usual country-cottage way. Flip House designed by Fougeron Architecture has certainly turned residential architecture on its head! In sailing performance, it totally trounces the WB on every front, dispite carrying less than half the sail area. Originally Posted by river runner The problem with cement (or epoxying lead shot in place) is you can't remove it for the trip home.

And somewhere not too cramped to get out of the elements is imperitive to avoid sunburn or hypothermia. For 1000# of ballast, pour 660# of sugar in the 87 gallon-capacity bilge and add about 40 gallons of water.
Location: Tasmania,Australia Unfortunately, any multihull will always have a lot less room for a given amount of material.
Location: Colorado tris, removeable ballast By this point in the discussion I would have thought it was obvious that by removeable ballast, we meant ballast you wouldn't take home with you.
Location: California If you're looking for a lot of trailerable microcruiser in a small space, you could do worse than Bill Short's Pelican family of sailboats.
The rest are of my 16' skiff which I started as a teenager and eventually finished 9 years later. Originally Posted by river runner If you increased it's desity with salt (salt is much heavier than sugar), Salt is heavier than sugar (72# per cubic foot vs 53#), but its relative lack of solubility reduces the specific gravity of a dissolved solution.
Location: Tasmania,Australia All in all, I think sand in sand bags, strapped to the bottom of water ballast tanks would be the most flexible arrangement. You could make the bags small enough to carry really comfortably, and they would bend through small openings. You are virtually guaranteed to be able to find sand not far from a launching place, and you wont mind leaving it behind on the return journey. Can you imagine the tooth decay in the local fish population if you released 1000 litres of sugary water ? Originally Posted by troy2000 If you're looking for a lot of trailerable microcruiser in a small space, you could do worse than Bill Short's Pelican family of sailboats.
A 1,000# - 1,500# boat with a 2.5'-3' draft is definitely trailerable and can be ramp launched with the right trailer and some fore-thought. Boat Plans and boat designs from select Naval Architects, Yacht Designers, and Marine Architects. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. And if your better half still feels unsafe, you can install a steel centerplate making it even more stable.
Is it practical, if becalmed, to drop the rig and use the boom and gaff as oars, with a clip-on blade?
It is nearly 3 times as fast, Points much higher, is stable to the point of being virtually uncapsizeable, (dangerous words, I know!) virtually sails itself.
The first owner trailered it down to FL from the factory in Huntington, NY behind a 6-cyl minivan and ramp-launched it for years. I don't know much about the Raider, it seems a hair heavier but less beamy, perhaps that is due to the self-bailing feature. These guys are throwing so much good stuff at me that I will have to go through a major exercise just making up my mind which boat to build. DragonFly is 16', fractionally rigged Bermudian and fast, though fairly stable as far as performance dinghies go. Please note: this image is protected by copyright law and may not be used without buying a license. I regularly sleep me and my two boys (11 and 9.) It displaces 650kg unladen, and launches and recovers from the trailer.

The weight will hert the performance to the point where it might be as bad as a very good micro mono. He eventually bought a water-front home and kept it in the canal behind his house (by this point the trailer had rusted away to nothing and was discarded).
It wasn't pretty, and the car was a rusty hulk due to putting it seat-deep in salt-water, but it wasn't a particularly steep beach, either.
Idea Designs - a selection of drawings and comments that we would love to do complete designs from. I managed to capsize my W before I learnt how to gybe properly, and my girlfriend did become less enthusiastic about sailing in a dinghy.
They are both light, obviously easy to build, probably easy to cartop, and they'll certainly have the legs of the PDR. Sounds like the sort of feature a cheap ready made boat might have, and reduces the on-board clutter. When I bought it from him I bought a new trailer for it and used a travel-lift to load the boat so the trailer wouldn't get wet and so the bottom could be pressure-washed by the yard. Lightly loaded and hiking out, you can get some performance out of her, but she's really just a tender, but a stable and easy to build one.
If you choise to live in a hole the size of a big drainage tube you might as well go light and have excelent performance with the tri. The trailer had two axles with hydraulic disc brakes on the front axle, and an extendable tongue. Availability of Sail Plans and other drawings: D rawings for all Perry designs are available. My boats usually end up lighter than average, I know where I can skim off the odd pound or two. The modern molded folding tris at 28ft with moderate WL beam and multiple widening flares of main hull actually have decent living spcace as much as many of the older mono designs of the same lenght. I'm thinking that a 15 ft boat is going to need 2 to cartop, whereas I can easily manage the PDR on my own. I've been working on a new 15' boat that's cool looking and if you can hold her down, very fast. My son has no interest in boats at all, on the other hand, my daughter can be talked into anything! Drawing The Human Body Sail Boat Sails Cad Drawing Tooltech provides hull structure design and detailed drawing services for ships and boats.
Each section has links where you can view drawings, photos and specifications of that design in the size range. Barbara Burns created the Little Star Sailboat design as part of our Beach Baby Clipart collection.
Information on more than 6,000 sailboats with photos and drawings with searchable database.

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