This wooden model sailboat sculpture with British flag sails is perfect gift for a sailing enthusiast. This image is featured as part of the article Alu Marine introduces the Sailing Catamaran HAVANA 72.
Christopher James Interiors is an affordable interior design firm located in Orange County, California. Morris Yachts of Maine have built over 175 of the world’s highest quality yachts to Paine designs.
The Paine office was the designer of seven of Britain’s most popular designs, from which over 400 fine yachts have been built.
Bermuda Series designs emphasize safety, minimal heeling, private bathrooms with unlimited fresh water, and other luxuries.
Increasingly, Chuck Painea€™s sailboat lines became known for their seakindly manners and speed. The first of these was REINDEER V, followed by FIREFLY, POPPAEA, NEXT BOAT, ERICA and untold others that will be winning races for generations. The Paine racers are designed simply to go fast through the water, rule be damned, and to last a long, long time. Unlike your common stripped-out racing machine, you down your celebratory beers in a Sitka spruce lined interior of light weight and unrestrained elegance thinking, the world is full of fools, and I am clearly not one of them.
LAUNCH SOMETHING SWIFT AND BEAUTIFUL AND HAND CRAFTED OF WOOD AND YOU’LL SURELY DRAW A CROWD. Chuck Painea€™s Meridian series are the culmination of his long career designing some of the fastest and most visually stimulating custom sailing yachts ever built. The Meridian 110 offers the following features, which simply have never been combined elsewhere on a single yacht. STEERING HELM AND A a€?GLASS COCKPITa€? WITH RADAR AND CHART PLOTTER SIMILAR TO THAT ON YOUR CIRRUS. THE INVENTIVE a€?SOLARDODGERa€? PROTECTS GUESTS FROM SUN AND SPRAY, WHILE CHARGING THE BATTERIES.
This attractive concept was one of several proposed for a customer who eventually moved away from the flush deck to a design with a long, low cabin.
Chuck Paine and the staff at Paine Yacht Design would like to thank you for taking time to read this short history of their efforts.
The Union Jack themed sails hint at the long maritime history of the British nation which once ruled the waves in a similar way to how the United States does today.

The attractive design of the flag lends itself well to design and decor in general, which can be seen worldwide in the form of Union Jack t-shirts, art works, umbrellas and cushions. We have crewed charter boats in the favourite yachting hotspots in the Mediterranean and Caribbean as well as worldwide locations. These yachts are unusually well designed and constructed, expensive, and worth every penny.
Their hulls have very long waterlines and are unusually stable, and are fitted with watertight bulkheads so as to be virtually unsinkable.
Not only were they attracted to the office because Paine’s refined hulls clearly required less fuel to push through the water under power, but as more and more luxuries became standard fare aboard yachts its engineers responded to the energy trapped in wind and sun as an appropriate way to power a yacht. It awaited the IMS, where hulls and appendages were measured by magic wand, and a bit of the old competitive spirit, for his yachts to begin collecting silverware. Add a few pounds of carbon fiber in the right places and racing sailboats can last for decades. At the point when the expensive throwaway is put out of business by the latest rule change, Painea€™s racing yachts acquire an old age allowance and a set of new sails and are right back at the front of the fleet. For owners discouraged by cutthroat racing in yachts that depreciate to nil value in the twinkling of an eye this is the clear alternative. Far better, hire the lads at Paine Yacht Design to exercise their expertise on your behalf, and become the owner of something truly wonderful, like thisa€¦.. Since its inception, Paine Yacht Design has won more of these awards than all of the other New England and New York yacht design firms combined.
It’s may not be particularly wise to buy some stripped-out machine and try to win races every precious weekend against sailing rock stars, then have to throw the thing away because of a minor revision of a handicap formula. They would love to hear from you when you are ready to build a fine new yacht that will add a page to the history of yachting. The sailboat sculpture is made entirely from wood and has been hand-crafted by skilled master craftsmen. Like with the Stars and Stripes, the flag design is used in a large variety of modern artistic creations.
MANDALAY require hundreds of drawings and thousands of hours of engineering to design in a timely fashion.
Todaya€™s pure racers are throwaway boats, obsolete and abandoned by their owners after a couple of seasons. Even if you’re not doing well in the racing you get to see visions of beauty like this sail by you pointing high and footing fast and you think, that man has done the world a good turn.

Find out why- have your new yacht designed by the most celebrated design firm in America.
Clients are now building ice-strengthened aluminum yachts packed with four inches of insulation and thermo pane windows and high powered heaters and exploring places last seen by Captain Cook in the 1700’s.
If their builders had had the materials we have today they would still be around bringing joy to their owners. It even comes with a realistic inlaid wood strip deck like one would see on original sailboats.
This model sailboat sculpture is ideal for a kid’s bedroom or an adult’s home study or library area. Just look at the stability and pointing angle and speed through the water of the leadoff yacht in this article! Paine Yacht Design  reliably creates appealing transitions between out- and indoors with minimal impact upon the cabins below while maintaining absolute structural integrity.
The 65 footer below demonstrates how the hydraulically powered radarch makes launching and retrieval a pushbutton process. But given offwind courses like the Bermuda Race, Transatlantic, Transpac and most of the other truly fun races, the poor fellow with his ten foot draft and a handicap rating to go with it often found himself outclassed by Paine designs that looked like yachts and sailed with crews whose names the owners actually knew.
But we do have those materials today, and Chuck Painea€™s office relishes the opportunity to honor the work of design genius gone before.
It will look good in the main living room as well and will compliment a nautical decor theme. Their early series of small oceangoing yachts with ladiesa€™ names (Frances, Leigh, Sarah, etc.) were the springboard from which over one thousand of the worlda€™s swiftest and most luxurious sailing yachts have evolved. With Otto the Pilot steering most of the time and all of the reefing lines brought to this area through conduits, you can pretty much cross an ocean without ever donning the foul weather gear. Paine yachts not only begin their lives in the winnersa€™ circle, but they keep winning races, year after year. Most of these yachts will go to the hundreds of millionaires being created each new workday in Chindia.

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