Sail on a fine 37' Irwin sail boat which runs cruises, sunset cruises 2, 4, 6 hours or longer in length.
This page was put together from info from our Convention & Visitor Center, the info should be accurate, but, we do not have first hand experience with all of the resources mentioned.
You can take your very own sailboat lessons, or just sit back and enjoy the ride and let our experienced captain take you out. A beachfront Resort Hotel in Panama City Beach, FL with so much to do, you never have to leave! Most focus on taking you out to watch the dolphins and some include shrimping and other special adventures.

Glide peacefully through the crystal clear Emerald green Gulf of Mexico waters, powered by nothing but the wind. Lay back in a comfy reclining beach lounge chair, under the cool shade of a beach umberella with a refreshing cocktail from the Tiki Bar. Mention this website for JP's special couples rate of just $20 per person!Free Lessons! Many guests report that the boat rides and sailing cruises they took were a highlight of their Gulf Coast vacation.
Stand Up Paddleboarding is a really relaxing and peaceful way to enjoy the scenic beauty of Panama City Beach.

Paddle out a little further, and on some days you can even see schools of dolphins swimming right beside you! Because there's no engine sound, it's not unusual to have pods of dolphins swim up to say hello!

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