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Note: Due to possible delay of exchange rate update, price in various currencies is for reference only. I heard from the West Seattle Blog that there was a beached sailboat stuck on the beach near my house, so I rushed down there to check it out!
The owner had just gotten the sail boat for free from Shilshole Marina in Ballard and was towing it back to Tacoma, about 40 miles away with another unsafe boat.
That story sort of wraps up about 100 that we’ve all heard personally or heard about.
He only got about 7 miles when the trimaran sailboat started to take on water and begin sinking.

He actually complained to me that registering this free boat cost “a lot of money” and that driving back and forth to Tacoma cost $20 per trip! Bayliner’s are known for being one of the most cheaply made boats around, (Washington made also), especially old ones made in Arlington.
Having solar panels for electricity your home lighting is no longer a problem, and it will help you save electricity and save money as well. This particular beach is right under this large condo complex, that sticks out over the water on pilings. Besides, our solar panels for rvs are suitable for charging cellphones or small solar power system. I went down to talk to him and felt really bad about his situation, he sounded pretty clueless about boats. After he abandons this wreck on our beach I’m sure tax payers will be paying $thousands to clean up his mess.

His plan was to live on the boat for free, anchoring it for 2 weeks then moving 5 miles as the law states you must.
It had the floor removed and all the wood pieces on the gunwales that give the boat longitude strength. No flotation foam means it would go straight to the bottom when the towing forces caused it to fold up like a pop can!

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