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A new partial sales and use tax exemption and maximum sales and use tax imposition amount for new and used boats and vessels was enacted in New Jersey late last year. The vessel is legally operated by the resident purchaser and meets all current operating requirements. The resident purchaser is not engaged in or carrying on in New Jersey any employment, trade, business or profession in which the boat or vessel will be used. The sale of new and used boats and other vessels (including but not limited to cruisers, motorboats, sailboats, and yachts) is subject to a 50% sales and use tax exemption. Gail is a sales tax expert with a penchant for digging through the depths of DOR sites and discovering and reporting rate changes across the country.

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The law also changed the use tax policy for vessels purchased out-of-state by New Jersey residents.
We pay the Sales Tax for you in California PRODUCT INFORMATION Excellent for flat-water fishing and a capable performer in rivers and streams, the 9-foot, quad-hulled design rides low in the water, making it an ideal fishing boat even on windy days.

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