If you are venturing out to shop for a saltwater fishing boat there are a few options and boat accessories you may want to look for.
Non-Skid Decks: Non-skid decks are a safety issue and should be a standard feature on your saltwater fishing boats. Rod Holders: Whether fishing or riding from spot to spot having plenty of rod holders will keep your boat organized and rods ready to go when needed. Tackle Storage: Not having enough tackle storage is a common problem with most saltwater fishing boats. Boat Rocket Launcher: If you’re shopping for larger saltwater fishing boats or sport fishing boats you will want to consider a boat rocket launcher. While we cannot possibly consider all of the standard and optional features available in today’s boats.
From smaller fishing boats like the center console Dauntless and Montauk to offshore fishing boats like the Conquest and Outrage, Boston Whaler delivers premium quality, stunning design and a host of unparalleled fishing amenities for every angler out there. On your own or with your family, camping joy and pleasureand outdoor activities are presented in this department.Discover our departments Garden or Archery.Find out the weather station which will inform youabout your next trip conditionsor also a range of eco-friendly and clever items !Mushrooms ?
When it is time to catch those NJ saltwater fish you will be equipped with the proper tackle.
Of course your safety is our goal, so the Jersey Key will always have all safety gear on board including life jackets, a life raft, first aid supplies, Epirb,  and a satellite phone if needed.

Whether you’re trolling, bottom fishing, kite fishing or deep dropping there are a few boat features to make your day on the water more enjoyable. You should also explore additional options for your livewell system such as livewell lights, clear lids, and oxygen systems. For those rough days or hot days there is nothing better than fresh water washdown systems to rinse your boat or yourself. Hopefully of few of these options will give you something to consider when shopping for your next saltwater fishing boat.
Check back regularly for updates on our products, new projects we're working on, as well as tutorials for your own do it yourself work on your boat!
Bolstered by its trademark unsinkability, Boston Whaler's reputation for attention to detail is what sets it apart from other boat manufacturers and makes it a legend in the sport fishing world. When you go out on the Jersey Key Atlantic Highlands fishing boat you will be riding in a 35 Predator Walk Around featuring air conditioning, enclosed seating for six people, and  Yanmar 420-hp turbo diesel engines that cruise at 27 knots. All inshore and offshore reels are Avet Reels and are all matched up with custom built rods. In addition to these options find out how easy it is to fill and empty your system and whether or not water recirculates. Large fishboxes boxes keep your catch out of the way, your boat organized and your deck clean.

Many times you may need to add custom tackle storage even when purchasing the best boats on the market.
And because of this, a fishing boat can't merely be a vessel; it must be a rugged and reliable offshore machine, loaded with the most innovative fishing features and primed to take you wherever you need to go. Whether you prefer a small boat on a local lake, a center console on a nearby bay or deep sea fishing boats for the wide-open ocean, extensive fishing features, spacious livewells and lift-out outriggers help you to get on the fish fast. You will have many things to consider and hopefully this list will guide you in the right direction.
Look for round livewells since the lack of corners will cause less injury to your baitfish.
Boston Whaler has long crafted the most sought-after fishing boats on the market, and you simply won't find better anywhere else. Tackle ocean fishing pursuits with ease and never worry about rough seas, thanks to reliable, fuel efficient power from Mercury and intuitive control at the helm. The boat console is one of the most important aspects of your boat and you should ensure it is adequate for your style of fishing.

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