We have come across Sea-Doo and Yamaha's jet boats and they look very interesting as larger alternatives which still retain the jet advantages which we rather like. In short, all these boats are just toys, listen to the combined wisdom of the forum, get a proper RIB for half the price and a quarter of the problems. There are lots of ribs that have a similar leisure seating to the jet boats you are looking at, Zodiac do the Yachtline delux and the Medline. And they have all the dangers of a jet (I mean, you still have to be incredibly careful when kids are swimming nearby) with no particular advantages. You only say you plan to use it on the west coast, but you don't say the west coast of where, or what the water conditions will be like.
The biggest issue with the jet boat though is you want to leave it on a mooring for a month, which will quickly kill the jet drive system. However, if the area you plan to use it is very protected, and therefore flat clam most of the time, and you can find a way of launching and recovering each day rather than leaving it on a mooring, and you only want to use it for blasting around and waterskiing and don't want to cruise anywhere, then the jet boat will probably do what you need. If its derogatory I cant agree to all jet boats being so, mine is a peach and much fun, there again it is a 9m commercial jet boat max 10 passengers.

I bet Yamaha sell 20 of those per year in the UK, or something like that, whereas they sell maybe 1000 per year to the US flat lake boat community. Brig are very nice and even Avon do the Adventure series, stick a nice 4 stroke or Etec on it and you wont go wrong. A 19' boat that you have to sit down in will kill your back in anything more than the slightest chop.
Prop fouling is a problem for all boats left in the water, but when the edge of the prop is mm's from the surrounding tunnel, and very difficult to access for cleaning it, you're likely to spend too much time trying to clean or fix it. Blasting round in circles gets boring very quickly though, so you're really talking about using it for waterskiing, ringos etc., which is fine, but then i'd rather have a specialist ski boat, which by the way are shaft driven so would have the prop well underneath the boat. Self draining cockpit for watersports, stand up ability in a chop, ease of move all around, good seating and if you get a 6m one you get a Toilet in the Console! Great for a 20min blast on a sunny day, but the appeal drops sharpley after you have had the 40th bucket of icy water thrown in your face on a 'typical' british summer day.
In most coastal locations there are very few days where its flat calm enough to use a small jet boat properly.

Even something as simple as starting them after they have been on the mooring can be an issue. Proper RIBS are designed with the occupants either in a semi-standing position so they can absorb the bumps with their knees, or sat on the tubes for cushioning.
The batteries need to be fully topped up, or when its started it will drop into get you home mode. The jetdrives will hate being in the water all the time, they are just not designed to be left afloat.

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