This entry was posted on May 12, 2014 at 10:18 pm and is filed under Craigslist, Slideshow. Luc says: Hi everyone, I am presently building a Houseboat that will be my year round home. September 8, 2013A fisherman and his family aboard their tiny shanty boat on the Mississippi below the RR bridge at Louisiana, MO (first big town south of Hannibal). The Bed and Breakfast listing for this little barge says:  "The barge is a unique way to see Seattle. It may look too tippy, but he says it's not, "it is exagerrated by the roof but hauls 10 people fine. Campercat can be towed to your favorite camping spot and within a short time after arriving, your hard floor campertrailer is setup ready for you to enjoy the surroundings, or if time on the water is what you are chasing, find a boat ramp clip on the pontoons and inflate them and your Campercat is ready for time with the family and friends fishing on any lake, river or open water of your choosing. You can build your own camper cat with plans for approx $18,000 plus motor and furnishings. Grant's wife Betsy Drake wrote the original script, and Grant originally intended that she would star with him. I built Brandy Bar as a low-cost way to live on the water near my other boat, the 27-foot sloop Kavik, and my work as a sailing instructor. This plan-sized study guide includes floor plans, sections and profiles of the owner-built and architecturally designed 25-foot plywood houseboat. Mother Earth News E-Plans are packed with practical information, innovative ideas and creative projects right at your fingertips.
I found some pictures from 2005 while she was on the hard getting repairs, and she looks pretty good. This entry was posted on September 10, 2013 at 10:07 pm and is filed under Plans, Slideshow. From HomeCrux:  Not everyone would fancy the idea of a floating home – or an extra floating room per se. Mike Weekes is an engineer, boat designer, museum founder and business performance consultant from Buffalo, NY who has been developing a concept for a sustainable, low-cost, capable, innovative living space for on the water and on the land for the last three years.  His original idea was for a replica of an Erie canal packet boat, but the project failed due to poor execution, insufficient planning.
Since his exploration of tiny homes and tiny living led him to a geodesic greenhouse design, he can't stop thinking about a geodesic recreational vehicle and a geodesic houseboat.
The vessel has an infinite number of ventilation, screen windows, canvas, wood or poly sheet skin options as well as the opportunity for as many as four or as few as one door. This vessel could be built by one or several teenagers or rocket scientists or anyone in between.  It could even be a project, with supervision, to enable the developmentally disabled a new opportunity to live life fully! Assemble the boyancy subassemblies to the deck subassemblies and fasten the deck subassemblies at the edge with 2 x 3 PT x 14' or 18' long.
Celebrate sustainability, R Buckminster Fuller, the Water, The Erie Canal, Buffalo, heritage, history, architecture, efficiency and effectiveness, shantyboat living, tiny homes, fun, dreamers and innovation! From Gizmag:  The soothing sound of canal water gently lapping against wood as you fall into peaceful slumber has got to be one of the best ways to end a relaxing day of leisurely cruising past sights that many Londoners rarely glimpse. From GizMag:  Exbury Egg is a floating off-grid workspace and home, installed on the shore of the Beaulieu River, UK.

As Exbury Egg is required to float, its construction was logically entrusted to local boat-builder Paul Baker, who used reclaimed cedar, and locally-sourced Douglas Fir to produce a buoyant, waterproof structure measuring roughly 6 x 2.8 m (20 x 10 ft).
Though not exactly bursting with home comforts, the snug space does provide the basic necessities. There's no electricity on-board, so the artist will rely on solar chargers to keep his cell-phone, digital camera, and laptop juiced-up. Mindy says:  LITTLE CRUISER  is our fifteen foot sharpie designed and built by our friend Matt Layden as a coastal microcruiser.
Crystal River Boat Builders, a maritime heritage outreach program, works to complete the scow project. A feeling of freedom and independence, you passed through. You have arrived at yourself and in nature. Tom Sawyer with the boats natural Wasserfahrzeue were created that previously did not exist in their appearances, equipment and their driving characteristics.
It was developed 3 types of boats that are perfectly suitable for both private as well as commercial customers. I like living close to water and for the past 18 years have owned and lived on my sailboat part of the season. It is with deeply mixed emotions that Bev and I have come to the decision that Walkure must find a new home.
Prior to the sale the guy and 2 of his friends (1 said he was a boat mechanic) looked the boat, motor and trailer over.
The engine is a 16HP Briggs & Stratton that is connected to a Hydrostatic Garden tractor transmission then chain to paddlewheel. The movie was directed by Melville Shavelson, who also directed the original 1968 version of Yours, Mine and Ours. After he began an affair with Loren while filming The Pride and the Passion, Grant arranged for Loren to take Drake's place with a rewritten script for which Drake did not receive credit. More directly, I’m trying to choose a design and the Brandy bar seems about right for me. With an overall length of 25 feet, a beam (width) of 10 feet and a 9-foot X 17-foot cabin, she provides a living space comparable in size to that of a 30- to 40-foot conventional boat. A houseboat like Brandy Bar can be built for anywhere between $8,000 and $20,000, depending on the details (in 1989). By supporting digital products like this one you are helping save millions of trees a year. Shantyboat has a job, for now, at least… and is building his own boat, but I’ll do my best to answer questions! But the same cannot be said about Sandell brothers, who along with Swedish prefab cabin builder Kenjo designed a budget waterproof property from locally available material, which can be used as an additional room when needed. The event is a 300-mile, round-the-clock small-boat adventure race in Florida from Tampa Bay to Key Largo.
Buckminster Fuller's Geodesic design) and be fun and fulfilling to construct, quick build capability, low skill level, with a small team or on your own.

Doing so on a vessel that gets the power for its motor, lighting and modern appliances from the Sun, features multi-layer insulation, underfloor heating and a charming wood-burning stove, and is surprisingly bright and roomy inside, seems too good to be true. The company also fitted hydraulic steering, to specifications provided by its German-born designer - who has asked that we not use his name.
It was conceived by artist Stephen Turner, and created with the help of both Perring Architecture and Design, and SPUD design studio. The interior contains a desk, hammock, and kitchen, which itself sports a paraffin stove and sink.
Constructed in 1988, LITTLE CRUISER was one of his favorite boats and he sailed her engineless as far North as the Bay of Fundy in Canada and as far South as the Exumas in the Bahamas.
Four-berth lay-out with Malaga water heater and Propex Heat Source thermostatically controlled hot air heater. We have tried for a year to get someone in the family to take over our beloved AS-29 but alas, no one is able to do it.
BELIEVE IT OR NOT THIS 3.3 PUSHED IT UPRIVER IN A STIFF WIND AND WE HAD A LOAD ON IT AS WELL. It sank in a bad storm last winter and I think it was due to the weight of the wheel so I converted it back to outboard this summer.
The affair ended in bitterness before The Pride and the Passion's filming ended, causing problems on the Houseboat set.
Moorage in the Portland area runs $70 to $ 100 per month for a vessel of Brandy Bar’s size, and her license costs $30 every two years.
Featuring solar panels installed on the roof to power LED lighting and the stereo system inside, the one-room floating platform is made entirely of wood and features energy efficient windows.
A furniture restorer of many years standing, the creative force behind the project used experience gained in the construction of energy-efficient housing known as Passiv Haus, along with a burning desire to prove that sustainable living on canals was possible, to develop an energy-efficient, solar-powered wide beam houseboat. The egg-shaped structure will support Turner for a year as he carries out observations on the local environment and produces his works of art. Therefore, we thought that you might like to see what we bring along on one of our three month long trips. The craft, not yet officially named, will now undergo finishing touches to the interior which will sport a single berth in the rear, two doubles in the bow, a table with bench chairs in the middle, gallery and countier, gas stove, water heater, small microwave and small refrigerator. Utilities run less than for an average house, since Brandy Bar is small, insulated and tightly built. Of course our food supplies aren't sufficient to last the whole trip; therefore, we suppliment our rations with fresh fruits, vegetables and dry goods along the way.

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