Fighting a 40lb amerbjack hooked in 200′ of water by a vertical jig is like playing tug of war with a wild pig.
Double header tiger sharks is a surreal feeling – hard to imagine and impossible to comprehend at first sight. After near two hours of battle – the fish ultimately and begrudgingly surrendered (the smaller of the two first) and the reel test of skill, patience, and bravery began. They are captivating creatures of unmatchable dominance and to be side by side with one puts you in a trance. Its a safe bet to me to paint Nick and Matt as superior shark fishermen in the Florida Keys. Celebrating another year in the charter business with Sailfish, Mahi, Tuna, Cobia, T-shirts, and More!
The Maine shark fishing experience can bring you the excitement and memories of a lifetime. This shark is identified by the area under the lower jaw will be white, long gill slits and it's snout is pointed. One of the favorite activities of locals and visitors alike is getting out onto the fishing boats and spending a day on the water. Angler on Tampa Fishing Charters with his Shark Release on Fat Cat.ANGLERS you can pause these videos by clicking the go button bottom left anytime you like! The boat is reminiscent of a classic era in sportfishing which doesn’t get nearly as much credit as it deserves.

They’ve refined their skill set to the point where catching tigers is more entertainment than challenge. Destin is a hot spot for fishermen of all types because of all the beautiful clear water, the HUGE fish, and the abundance of different types of fish to catch.
Fat Cat fishing charters can help at an affordable price for a guided fishing charter today and only 90 miles from Disney, Orlando area. I bust my ass day in and day out to help others – and in my rare (but becoming more frequent) moments of self indulgence, I steal away offshore in search of pelagic game. After an ill fated attempt to rally up some blue runners to the north of Alligator light, we charged offshore towards the islamorada hump. The initial run is simply unstoppable and for a fleeting moment, it reminds me of chunking for bluefins way offshore from Ocean City, MD. This year would prove no different – largely in part to Jons inhuman capability to land reef donkey, after reef donkey, after reef donkey.
The second fish swam the buoy bait back to the boat, dropped it, then picked it up again and sounded.
Your arms simply can’t hold them for long and with each swell they wallow in the wake of the crusader. Charlie Ellis of Miami, FL has 25 years experience fishing for big game species like Bluefin Tuna, Sailfish, Swordfish, and Sharks. Weather it's Tarpon, Goliath Grouper, Snook, King fish, Sharks or just plain fishing Fat Cat fishing charters will help you make a memory that will last a life time.

Your legs go first as you hoist one up, carefully palming the leader so as not to take wraps. Your legs and lower back ultimately ache with strain as each push of the fish’s tail laboriously propels it downward.
We have it all here: proximity to deep water, great weather, and an incredible crew, helping keep families coming back to us and fishing with us year after year. Goliath Grouper videos are added as we catch them when a angler charters a trip to target them. Additionally, we change up our trips to coincide with the fishing seasons, as well as for weather. Please enjoy the Fishing videos on Fat Cat Charters and be sure to consider us for your next Florida fishing charter in the Tampa Bay, St.Petersburg Fl area. Make sure to book early to ensure that you will be able to go out on a fishing charter before you get to the beach.

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