Location: australia Sean I really loved your idea for making quick rough surfaces using the heightfield when you first posted it.
Location: australia Sean I like the wake images should make great bumps , you mentioned Photoshop in one of the posts, I believe its one of the most important steps as you can add detail that would be impossible to model and render effectively, especially spray and foam. Location: Europe is it not possible to export the wave field that produce in hullspeed to Rhino? When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Location: Eustis, FL The software will only do what you ask, so if your understanding of wire diagrams, devices, applications, etc.
If you're capable of designing an effective diagram, then I'd recommend a pen and paper at the kitchen table. If you follow the step by step guide in a severe manner you should be able to design your own boat in a weekends time. Have a computer at hand, most software related issues are better to handle if a computer is at hand. Imagine the shape of your dream boat first (hard, I know, better to digest some given opinion), then scroll through the many possible designs included in that incredible software.

For sure I will guide you through all the necessary steps to achieve the impossible….
Location: Woodville, Alabama, USA You must be good as you always seem quite condescending.
Location: Woodville, Alabama, USA I don't speak russian though unfortunately. Location: Japan A condescending voice should not be confused with a disagreeing or dissenting voice.
Most people do not like to be questioned, nor do they like to be exposed as lacking in knowledge, or trying to appear superior.
Originally Posted by Alik Availability of software is becoming serious problem because knowledge, experience and taste are not enclosed for free download together with this professional soft Do?nt disturb my pleasure please! Originally Posted by Alik OK, at the end of story let's post some photos of boat drawn by 'software users'. I added a twist by using the same image as a bump map on top of the water surface plus a few separate surfaces for different effects. The first image of the original scene I added a wave and a separate surface at the crest to give a contrasting white edge.

I started out years ago as an electronics technician, but even today I don't draw in all those symbols.
On a simple boat, like an 18' bow rider or similar, I don't use them, just running each wire as I need them. I have been accused of such many times, (in real life and on this website) doesn't bother me. Second image I photo shopped some spray and foam along the edges and on the waves in the wake. On a bigger project, some planning is nice, so a simple diagram might get used, if only to optimize wire runs, ganging things together, etc. I would assume I'll be carrying the bonds to a bus bar or common lead to the negative bus, so I wouldn't even include these in the drawing. You just number the locations they need to be at, so come running wire time, you connect 3 at the starter relay and run it anyway you can to the Ign-2 post on the ignition switch (also marked 3).

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