Definition of Standard Pricing: Rentals less than three consecutive days, or less than three Waverunners rented at a time. Definition of Multi Day and Group Pricing: Rentals three consecutive days and longer, or more than three Waverunners rented at a time.
Horseshoe Bend Marina has a large free boat launch ramp allowing easy access to Center Hill Lake. Boating is a fun activity and there are many different choices when it comes to planning your day on the water. Center Hill Lake offers nine commercial marinas that provide a wide variety of services for visitors to the lake.
Pontoon boat rentals and houseboat rentals are popular choices for people going to the water. Boat rentals start in April at most places and end late August or early September, depending on weather conditions.

Services such as fuel, private boat moorage, electrical and water hookups, boat rentals, fishing and marine supplies, restaurants and snack bars, and restrooms are offered by most facilities. If you need a boat for a day of fishing, water skiing or just cruising and relaxing on the water Horseshoe Bend has a boat to fill your need.
Center Hill lake is a popular destination for boaters and is large enough that there is plenty of room.
If you are trying to think of something fun to do especially during peak summer months, then a lake vacation is just the thing you need.
Houseboats are an excellent choice for people who plan on staying multiple days on the water.
If you are wanting to stay a couple of days and just take a break from the constant drive of daily life, then consider a cabin on the water. Nothing is more relaxing than waking up and looking out of you window and seeing the sun rise on the water, except perhaps sitting out on the deck and watching the sun set after grilling supper.

Jet Ski rentals are actually provided by JBeez Watercraft and can be delivered to which ever marina you choose.
The lake is an exciting place to be and due to the season changes, we only have a limited time to enjoy it. JBeez Jet Ski Rentals allow up to three riders on their machines making it a great choice for people who want to have a lot of fun and an inexpensive option especially if splitting the cost with a group. While many rentals can be made on the spot, it is always best to plan ahead and make a reservation.
Houseboat rentals, pontoon boat rentals, and jet ski rentals are all good options when planning your trip to the water!

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