The COMPAK is a diverse trailer that can be adjusted to a range of lengths to accommodate various sized boats.
Another unique feature of The COMPAK is it's ability to be transformed into a conventional car trailer with the attachable box section. Ready cut construction Bote Cote Epoxy sealed and sanded bulkheads with framing timber attached and profiled, with all the materials needed to complete the hull, deck, cabin, fixtures and interior. The Basic Kit, in pre-cut Gaboon Plywood, are now well proven and contains all major standard furniture items, elliptical portlight cut outs including bolt holes, revised instructions.
Super accurate super easily set up set up strongback system comes precut WITH your plywood kit. The packs now include a profiled (10mm radiused) edge on all of the cleat material, the inner keelson and the cabin carlins and cabin king plank.
As well, the exposed internal cabin timbers are species chosen for good color and figure for clear finish inside the cabin.
The kits are designed to include up to 10% in excess of requirement to allow for those rare misadventures. The tabernacles are also the perfect base for setting blocks to reroute lines back to the cockpit, (reef, vang, halyard, outhaul, lazy jack for example) to align with deck organisers on the cabin top. Appropriate clutches, deck organisers, cleats, winches, colored, cut lines and sheets for each boat available from NIS Boats. NIS Free Standing Spun Tapered Alloy Masts which are very light weight, elegant masts with race winning credentials.
Around 45% of alloy or fiberglass weight means greater boat stiffness, aided by built in whip at top to carry sail longer, excellent sail shape and even easier mast raising.
All masts are provided bare ready for final fairing and painting, with cut outs ready for fitting the supplied halyard sheave, the faired halyard exit hole, the special light weight track and the special sika flex glue for fitting the track to the masts and fixing instructions.
All masts have (internal) halyard exits on the starboard side of the mast about 1800mm above deck level.

If you require your masts to be fully finished and painted, you will need to add 10% to the listed price.
There is already and will likely continue to be a range of second hand ALLOY masts and booms coming as owners of existing boats retro fit CARBON.
All tabernacles come with boom gooseneck fittings, fulcrum and deck plates in place and instructions on set up and use. May be supplied with all color OEDyeema¹ (spectra) coded lines in place in generous lengths to suit your boat.
Hot dipped galvanised trailers with Custom rollers, lead on winches and braking systems to suit unique NIS hull shape.
These tough NZ made hatches may be set on top of a cockpit seat, but this creates a 'lump' on the seat which can be annoying.
We can provide our own templates and instructions for setting the hatches flush in your boat.
Models a bit under 1M long (postage is MUCH cheaper than if we are 1m+!)  All Ply bits and Hoop pine cleats and stringers only. After twenty five years we reckon that this is the one that hits the boat builder's sweet spot.
Cut the plank rebates like a pro at the bow and stern of the clinker plywood Oughtred and other boats.
Look like a pro as you set up the chine log and sheer clamp rebates in the stems of your Sharpies and other boats.
Ross I'd rather be sailing than sanding' Henderson built his Norwalk Islands Sharpies 23 'Lupan' a few years ago. It is not chippendale, as he promised, but it looks great from 10 meters, and he is out there doing it in some of the most hairy water in the world. Designed for Ribs, Alloys and Glass dinghy's, the trailer can support a variety of boats within a specified range.

The mizzen tabernacle also makes a great base for the small stainless winch we use to raise the centreboard. This is to cover the labour and materials of fitting the suppied track sheaves, halyard saddles and fairing and painting the masts; and the additional costs in packaging the painted fully finished masts for transit. They are made over length and some basic deck plate below deck trimming may be required to suit individual boats. They are designed to be strong enough for walking on, while at the same time they look very good, open and close very smoothly, and are absolutely waterproof, in our experience. We rebated ours into the horizontal surface of the cockpit seats to retain the smooth seat flow that we prefer, as in the picture here.
They are proven conversation starters Fitted, all cotton, sewn panels mean dressier fit than cheaper 'tube' type tee shirts, so you look slimmer, younger, more attractive. The COMPAK transforms by simply altering the length of the draw bar and rear roller to the required length.
If the rebate option is chosen, it's important to avoid pooling around the seal, that may be caused by the pooling effect of the all round rebate. We avoided this by having the front edge of the rebate set so that the lid is on the 'open' edge of the cockpit vertical face, which allows the otherwise pooled water to drain away, as in this picture.
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