Building your own catamaran is a good investment and can get you the boat you want, at a price Get a newer design. Woods Designs offer a range of catamaran designs for both home and professional remember when you use a credit card to order studyplans or building plans that Konktiki has easy to build catamaran plans. Choose prefabricated catamaran kits for fast building or build your catamaran from easy to follow plans. Catamaran Plans, sailing, power catamaran designs, trawler catamarans, aluminium or composite Build a catamaran, build a cat, multihull construction Building Catamarans and Trimarans; Share Your Experience, Learn From Others.
Catamaran Plans – There Are a Number of Differing Sailboat Designs, But The Catamaran is One Which Sports Many Advantages Above and Beyond its Competition. We are renowed for building large custom made luxury yachts: catamarans, power boats and superyachts. Boat Building Boat Designs, Designers, Naval Architect s, Design Software, Plans & Kits .
4 or 5 have been built and a few stretched versions are on the verge.This is the original at 12 ft long and 4 ft wide. Location: Alliston, Ontario, Canada If you click on user CP you can see if anyone has docked you points. 12'x 4' though it would be a lot more stable at 5' or better in beam, though it's efficiency will drop quickly. This shape will handle chop and passing powerboat wakes much better then the floating shoe boxes others seem to enjoy.
The design above will easily out perform any of the shanty boat, box boat or square micro cruiser thingies. Having said that i can once again assure you that you dont want to go that fast in a 12' x 4' (4m x 1.2m) boat.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. I wanted to bring this topic up again, but slant the discussion towards full displacement power boats.
I haven't been able to be nearly as active towards building a boat for this trip for lots of reasons, but it looks like that will be changing. Of course I really like the larger designs, but I am still trying to go smaller if it makes sense and has what I need. I'm not sure if you have seen the smaller Dipper 17 also from Sam Devlin, if you want to go even smaller?

I would have no problem taking a 22' Surf Scoter up the Passage and I think the Dunlin would also do well.
I'm familiar with the territory, having traversed the passages from Vancouver as far as Port Hardy hundreds of times and from Vancouver north to the Alaska border several dozen times with many side trips to the Queen Charlotte's. The TimberCoast 22 is close to the ideal size for a singlehander living aboard for a full summer. What about the possibility of using an outboard on the Timbercoast 22 to simplify the build and open up the cabin?
But he decided he would really like to try strip planking and he has a strong interest in traditional BC boats. Binocular's stashed up there, a chart or two, Drinks, wet gear, all under a little light Canopy of canvas. The Double ender is great when your steaming along at Six kts and the weather is following you at 12 Kts. Anchor set, dinner made, winds calm, weather nice, and in my recliner with my coffee enjoying nature and wondering what else there needs to be. I did two different boats to start with, the heavier 18'6" inboard powered gillnetter type was draw a year or two ago, and this is called the Double-Ender 18 on my website. There are some subtle shape diferences in these two types that may not be obvious at first glance. The addition of an outboard well to the already complex build of a TimberCoast Troller 22 would be a big change. I agree that trying to get standing headroom in too small of a boat can absolutely ruin its looks.
What I really want is something like Devlin's Chinook 21 (plans not available), the top one with the full cabin, but with an OB.
These are the Houlton building plans, developed by Jerry Houlton and a Catamarans boats builder Thailand boat building custom projects. E-commerce site with over 250 designs from some of America's most respected designers. You would have to reshape the bottom which would preclude planing with a motor so you would be stuck maxing out at about 5 or 6 mph. It looks like a boat, it has full standing headroom, requires very modest power and will leave a clean, unmolested wake. You will soon see that you want to cruise comfortably with sitting head room under the cabin roof to escape the sun.

To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. There is a blog here of a guy building one, although his site has been quiet for a while now. I don't know those waters at all so I won't make any kind of recommendation though, just adding ideas.
I like the looks of this design and it uses an outboard which I prefer for this particular build. Thus we turned to the little 18' double-ender, styled after a BC coast Japanese gillnetter of about 1935. NV 42 Hydrofoil Assisted – Deisel When I decided to build my own catamaran I started off by looking for suitable designs and the plans to go with them. I have thought about semi displacement or a planing hull, but I am not absolutely sure about this, what do you think?
For this project we'll modify the boat slightly with an outboard engine in a well forward of the small transom. The background to building this boat is that sent away to James Wharram Designs for the plans to a big enough in London to build a large catamaran. I went to my local chandlers, to a boat mart and I'm interested in building a catamaran about 40 feet long. Say if you were looking at her from the side, she would look like her bow is flat (like your design) but on my design, her bow come to an edge and you can see that looking from the top. It's a fine arrangement if you're needs require the few things they actual offer, but your needs aren't as suited to a mud motor as you might think.
A transom is added to simplify the build, eliminating the need to bend the strips around to meet a sternpost. Photo History; Sailing Videos female mold based on lessons I have learned in the past 30 years of catamaran construction. Thinking of the rapids of the Inside Passage that I've gone through, you would have some very narrow windows in which to get a Dipper through in a timely manner.

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