A comparatively miniature, usually open craft of a size that might be carried aboard a ship.
To make the oars I simply cut both of the ends off of the jumbo stick I used for the seats and glued them to the end of two standard craft sticks. I am also drawn to the apprentice boatshop, there’s always something of interest there.
The trout boat is having her frames replaced in white oak, with new bronze fastenings replacing the sick old iron ones, the original northern white cedar planks are being retained. One of the nicest boats of the day was this Herreschoff Coquina, Calico Jack,brought down from the Springfield MA area by Scott LaVertue.
Tim Shaw, author of Chine Blog, looking happy to have his skin on frame outrigger canoe AL DEMANY CHIMAN in the water. On the road leading into the museum , adjacent to the camping area, I found this lovely creature which I’m guessing is a small Chesapeake Log Canoe, and if not a local sharpie type…can anyone help? Certainly she’s fitted out in a most serious manner, notice the holes drilled in the floors.
We purchased a handful of this special book by John Guider and have just now added them to our web store. In August 2003, John Guider walked out the back door of his home in Franklin, TN and placed a canoe in the creek behind his house.

The first half of the book is full of journal entries and the second part is museum quality black and white prints of people and scenes along the trip. The Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle is hosting their end-of-season gathering Saturday Oct.
Your opinion is important, it will help future users to overcome the possible model limitations and imperfections. Pete has said he will forward me some of the logs from that journey, watch for the story here. Lowndes Johnson’s class boat beauty, the Comet, intended to be a smaller version of the Star class. I’m guessing the first one finished is his, at least until the second improves on the lessons learned on the first. We found that it floated pretty well, but challenge your child to figure out what would help it float even better!
Taken from the dock at the Crab Claw while enjoying steamed shrimp, local microbrew, and the company of my companion for the day. Relaxed and friendly, Saturday is the public day but this is really a four day messabout staring Thursday and running through Sunday for most participants. Along the way, Guider kept a detailed journal and took hundreds of remarkable photographs, documenting his amazing journey that led him down five rivers, including the Mighty Mississippi.

It’s not cheap, but we think it would make a great gift for someone who appreciates river exploration in small boats and artistic photography. Use a generous amount of glue to position the eyebrow stick in between two of the standard sticks on the bottom. I just guessed how diagonal the ends needed to be to make it easy, but I encourage you to get out a ruler and cut them exact! I had hoped to get down there on Friday and camp, but sadly it was not to be, hopefully next year.
Six completed the voyage all the way to the new Alviso boat ramp and the three others sailed back home from Calavaras Point, near the mouth of Alviso Slough. Many of the participants come every year and the event has the flavor of a large family reunion, with camaraderie winning out over competition, though the race is seriously contested.

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