I originally developed the first of these PT boat plans to build my own Elco PT-109 similar to the 1:32 scale Lindberg plastic kit I had as a teenager.
There is a series of pages on this website showing my slow, but steady progress of the RC PT 109.
I own a small cabin cruiser, about 25ft in length and I must say that it is a great pleasure. Cabin cruisers are very beautiful and useful boat, but the bet thing is that they are easy to build by yourself.
Construction Method and Materials: Cold-molded, sheathed –strip, or foam cored fiberglass construction. Looking for all the “big boat” amenities in a trailerable houseboat? There’s no greater value on the water than the AC2800! The Adventure Craft is loaded with all the comforts of home – including the kitchen sink!
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The plan is intended for balsa construction and should not pose too big a task for someone with a couple of simpler boats under their belt.Balsa is inexpensive, light and require a minimal set of tools to build. I don't perceive the larger boat to be much harder than the smaller to build, but will cost a little more in materials. Me and my family use it a lot and it’s a great boat for short sea trips with my family in the summer.
I found them while searching the internet for new designs, as I am planning to build an new cabin cruiser that will be a bit longer.
You’ll enjoy two large beds, a refrigerator and microwave, air conditioning, a stand up shower with toilet and a wonderful open air flybridge. The build log and plans have been popular with visitors to this site and I've received requests for a larger, dual-motor option.Both these plans consist of two sheets. I modified my boat so I also have an refrigerator mounted on the deck (to keep the beer cold ) and a small TV inside so I can watch a movie at night with my wife.
Sure, if you want only the best plans than you should consider a little more advanced but even more beautiful designs here.

A balsa hull will definitely be the lightest and potentially fastest, but the least durable.
Construction is of moderate difficulty, for the more experienced amateur builder and depending on the choice of building material. The plans show a lot of detail, without being intimidating, and could produce a truly handsome boat.The two plan sets are available in a single zip file.
For a single-motor setup, I'd consider up-sizing and centering the rudder for better control.

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