Download a pdf or fill out the form to instantly request or request a hard copy of our current catalog. The Pond King Sport is our 12’ fishing pontoon. This aluminum pontoon boat is built of all maintenance free, weatherproof materials. Standard features include a 6? kick rail, wide padded seats, an all-aluminum deck, two standard rod holders, and two off-deck battery trays. Well, there are indeed so many people who are building small cabin style houseboats and I too like those ones which doesna€™t have a motor to navigate. Our compact pontoon boats are built with welded aluminum sub-frames and heavy gauge pontoons, and we customize your boat with the options you select. If you’re not satisfied with your pontoon boat at delivery, we will “turn around” and refund your entire deposit. It will automatically add the Pond King Sport to your cart if you haven't added it already.
I was thinking about replacing a small on shore cabin with a 20-30ft pontoon floating houseboat that would be permanently moored in the bay on the shore of my property.I would have to lift or pull out the houseboat out of the water for winter because it freezes up.

It has all the info to help you on deciding, building, planning, and also has houseboat plans.2) Do you buy a new, ready to use, floating cabin houseboat?
And if you want to build yourself one, it would so fun and will help to reduce some labor charges.
Stability is key, and with our rigid platform you can stand up and move around the deck as much as you like. I'm not interested in motors and all the other equipment that goes with a navigable boat, since it will only be in the bay.I guess what I am looking for might be called a trailer on pontoons. If I was to buy a new, ready to use one, my first choice would be to go to floatingcabinhomes, since they build great quality floating cabins. Dignissimos modi ipsam repudiandae, deserunt magni tempore cupiditate amet odio blanditiis earum. Are such house boats available, should I build one, or should I look for used one with a blown motor? Speak to Priscilla, she'll take good care of you, and tell her that I sent you.3) Do you search and buy a used pontoon houseboat, and convert it for your use?

If you're considering buying a used one and converting it for your needs, than the houseboats for sale section is where I'd start. It has all the info to help you find a used houseboat.As to answer your last question about how to pump out the holding tank waste, you will find that there is "portable waste tank removal equipment" available.
All deck materials are powder coated aluminum with stainless steel hardware, so no worries about sun rot or rust.
Go ahead click the book and sign-up, it's free and filled with great articles, tips, information and website updates.

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