Not sure what shape you are referring to, it is just a little yacht tender, to putter around in with a tiny outboard.
Its not one thing or another!!, take the bits out of the middle of the hulls you have a common cat !!!
I made tunnels for a long time and cant see anything that going to set the market alight !!
If you make a prototype and do some testing make that thing completely detachable and see the differance with and without and reduced in size etc etc . Like i already said its just another cat in the crowd so when they all sitting at the marina how does one find it amongst the hundreds of others ??
The shear line being a flat straight line as a detail line and will make it look like a shoe box . Laught as much as you want women have colour more sense in there little finger than any man has in his whole body . When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Small Power Boat Plans However you will get soon grappling with distinct skills you want to develop efficiently a large boat practice strong. Location: barbados Small Power Cat Design I?m looking for is input on the specs for a powered cat design, I want to build a small ?shallowish? draft power cat that can handle moderate chop and keep me dry. It?s been suggested that I go flat at the transom (how flat?) and move to a vee section toward the bow.
A flat bottom provides more volume under the water per inch of immersion, supporting more weight than a v shape.
So in the case of a smaller boat or RC model you may need to find ways to compensate for the disporportionate weights of motor and crew to a small displacement boat.
Your first discussion made me think of what I believe is called a slot hull, similar to a mono hull but with a slot cut through the middle.
Finally, If you think of the boat longitudinally the further out you place the motor with limited displacement the more it might effect the trim angle and create porpoising. Location: West Florida What worried me in my Cat plans was - How am I going to hold these two hulls together?
I like your forms and model - please remember we can fill up books with what I don't know about boat design - but they seem a bit short for the shape. With your construction method - you'll have great compartments for in-hull storage, but the entire working surface will be deck (no cockpit). Location: Canada Power Cat Design Check out the book on tunnel boat design.

My thought on cats is you get better stability for effective (high) aspect ratio of wetted hull (length width).
Location: barbados Small Power Cat Design I?ve got to say thanks for all the useful input I?ve been getting and I am trying to incorporate it into my design. The new mockup was sealed with tape and I?ve started some float testing but I?d like some help with the physics and math. Well here are the latest pics, the hull seems to have a good attitude in the water but I will wait on your input before trying to hang 1.4 oz off the back. Pinning down the practical objectives your trying to accomplish and modifying the features of the boat to accomplish those goals is important. Along the same lines I'd imagine in Cat design your torsional box is deck and bridging structure based. Similarly, Designing Power and Sail by Arthur Edmunds is a good primer with a lot of useful tables and formulas.
You might want to build a bigger prototype at some point so you your materials and model power will be more comparable to a full size model.
IVB HUll with that cat design hull you will not get shallow water operation as the hulls will not support the weight without being forced deeper into water.. The 1728 for a volume (or mass) is quite correct and 144 would be the ratio for any area and obviously 12 for any linear dimension.
If you intend to do any testing then check out the following notes.The model should be in the same type of water as the boat will operate and at the same draft (scaled down, of course).
So even a spacing of only one or two hull widths is probably enough for stability purposes but insufficient for a deck working width. Good luck with your tests and make sure you can measure properly the effect of what you're doing. NEW ATOMIK KRUSHER 300CC 2WD ATV QUAD DIRT MOTOR BIKE TERRAIN FARM 4 WHEELER AG Template For Any Parts & General Service Enquiries For This Item Please Contact Atomik Service Department Directly For Assistant You Can Find Our Contact Details On This EBay Templates. NEW ATOMIK KRUSHER 300CC 4WD ATV QUAD DIRT MOTOR BIKE TERRAIN FARM 4 WHEELER AG Template For Any Parts & General Service Enquiries For This Item Please Contact Atomik Service Department Directly For Assistant You Can Find Our Contact Details On This EBay Templates. NEW ATOMIK KRUSHER 550CC 4WD EFI 4 WHEELER ATV QUAD DIRT MOTOR BIKE TERRAIN AG Template For Any Parts & General Service Enquiries For This Item Please Contact Atomik Service Department Directly For Assistant You Can Find Our Contact Details On This EBay Templates. Look around you !!,look in a cloths shop for men its drab and dead looking and not exciting at all !!,then look in any womens ware shops theres colour! I hope to build the two hulls separately ( stitch and glue) and then use ply bulkheads to hold the thing together. If you perform the tests in FW but will operate in SW you will need to make corrections as the displacement volume is correct but the mass is incorrect.

The model vertical centre of gravity should be close to the the boat's because it affects the magnitude of the trim. We want the hulls to float vertically but if we let them both float freely without connecting them they will only float horizontally, in other words they are unstable.
I'd be surprised if this boat had performance advantages that the comparable 20-odd year old boat I provided a link to earlier, did not. For individuals who have in any way different energy equipment used in your lifestyle or performing any boat construction it will be difficult Small Power Boat Plans . Have the load on the model suspended in the correct way or in some Rube Goldberg way that emulates it. If we slide the hulls closer together there comes a position where it will also become unstable. 29 October 2012 ndash clicking on Blue program identify for much more details pictures amp amp how to buy. This position depends on the the proportions of the parts and their weights as well as the weight of the cross-bar or blade. If it is has been a good trip with the fish hold nearly full the boat is fairly deep in the water and its stability is not too good but sufficient. But if the next catch is very good then as it is being hauled aboard the net clears the deck and is swinging freely. If you have the model correctly set up for the test then you'll get the correct trim but don't try and model any heeling with only a single hull. You can have a good, stable catamaran but each hull on it's own could be completely unstable and even roll over. Boat ideas totally free to find out how to start this well what may seem like an unreachable mission verify simple actions below: how to build a simple boat in 4 easy steps 1.
Four would be a great idea to check several resources for the biggest deal that you can save some money. With a commitment like this potential preparation will allow you to see and fix problems before they occur.

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