Motorcyclin’ round Lake Tahoe. This weekend, the Jewish Scientist and I took the motorcycle up to Lake Tahoe. Coffee inside a historical goldmine. One the way up to Lake Tahoe early Saturday morning, we stopped for coffee in Placerville, aka the “Hangtown” of California’s Gold Country. This site is intended to celebrate everything awesome and inspiring about Tahoe South, and we're always looking for content ideas. Even if you are not a very sportsminded person, or you feel like surfing and skiing are definitely out of your comfort zone, how does stand-up paddle sounds like to you?
If you are near northern california and looking for a quick getaway, try Santa Cruz Boardwalk in the bay area.
The magical Epcot just turned 30 yesterday, October 1, 2012, and that definitely deserve a huge celebration filled with fireworks! We went to visit some friends in the Bay Area in California inorder to realize a planned day trip to Santa Cruz Boardwalk.
Features: South Tahoe Standup Paddle gives you the proper equipment you need to take like a duck to water. The Service: As soon as you arrive, you'll know deep inside that you're in the best hands with South Lake Tahoe Standup Paddle Boards. The Tours: Standup Paddle Rentals Lake Tahoe can bring you to all the best spots on the water when you take a tour with them.

The Classes: Take your workout to another level when you do standup paddle yoga and fitness. Inside Knowledge: Lake Tahoe Standup Paddle Tours offers private standup paddle yoga and fitness classes in addition to group classes. Do Take A Full Day Tour: On the guided paddleboard tour that lasts for the entire day, you get to enjoy a provided lunch! Don't Stay Confused: Thanks to the comprehensive standup paddle lessons, you'll get the hang of this awesome water sport and be able to enjoy hours upon hours of fun paddling through the water. Forest Suites Resort at Heavenly Village offers hotel rooms & oversized suites that sleep 4-6 adults. We rode the dips, hills and turns of highway 89 ’round the edges of the lake’s emerald blue waters, and it was probably one of my favorite motorcycle rides yet. Placerville is my favorite little town in all of  the USA because it's where I made the decision to be an American when I was 16 years old.
Lake Tahoe Standup Paddle Tours also offers guided tours so that you definitely check out all the best spots on the lake. Welcoming and helpful, the staff at Lake Tahoe Standup Paddle Tours will get you comfortable on the board and out on the water - pronto. The kind and enthusiastic staff will accompany you to beautiful areas that you might not discover on your own.

There’s this awesome coffee shop on Main Street that is built into a historical goldmine, so you can get your coffee and escape into the caves in the back of the building where the temperatures are cool and the atmosphere is rustic cozy. It is a great relaxing outdoor activity, with very low impact to the environment, yet very fulfilling and exhilirating experience for those who get out and start paddling! I could barely stand up on the board and while up, I was terrified that I couldn't stay up. The difference now is that you'll be doing it while maintaining your balance on the paddle board. I highly recommend you stop there on your next trip to Lake Tahoe (the coffee is delicious too). The only sad part of this story is that on the way back, one of the side bags fell off the motorcycle and we lost all of our cameras, so I have none of the beautiful pictures we took. You'll really get to utilize your core muscles as well as enjoy the tranquillity out on the water, surrounded by gorgeous nature.

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