Descargar 3D Boat Parking Simulator Game - Real Sailing Driving Test Run Marina Park Sim Games. Extra Fun Game Modes are available as In-App Purchases - each have their own leader boards, and change the Rules slightly to make for an easier ride!
With brand new water physics and beautiful graphics, take the helm on 4 totally unique ships, including a sleek speed boat, a traditional sailing yacht, a beautiful luxury motorboat and a twin hull catamaran! Aunque puede haber pocas veces en tu vida donde necesites esta habilidad, ?aqui tienes una aplicacion para esto!
Los tiempos de carga son muy largos y el juego parecia retrasarse mientras se estaba cargando el barco y el entorno. Sail one of three mega ship categories from the huge cruise ship to the biggest sail boat on earth!

Feel the thrill of sailing and navigating your ships safely whilst parking without damaging any expensive boats in the Marina! Los graficos tienen una buena apariencia y el concepto es interesante, pero presenta algunos inconvenientes desafortunados que mantienen a este barco estancado en el mar.
Cross the northern ice caps and keep your shoes dry cause the chances of sinking your boat is very much real!** 9,000,000 downloads on IOS, if you love boat games join millions of others and freeplay now **Playing the Big Ship Simulator 2015 you can take over the control of 3 mega sea vessels machines which are true to the originals and created with the latest 3d modelling technology. It sounds easy but it is not!> Over 10,000,000 downloads on IOS, now FREE on android only!
Lead you sail boat to safety, steer your cruise liner away from dangerous ice waters of the Northern sea. Do you want to become the best ship captain, play with extremely real ships and boat in a hyper real environment where you can go anywhere?The 2015 game edition features:- 3 huge ships to sail and control.

It is MEGA fun!Turn off your cruise control and grab hold of your steering wheel cause it is going to get real stormy real soon.
Ride the waves and complete your challenges with out sinking or drowning your boat.++ SPEED BOAT GAME FEATURES +++ Sail famous police boats responding to 911 calls across the sea or river+ realistic handling and graphics+ Multiple views and game angle for maximum accuracy+ Optional Easy and baby modes for those just learning to drive+ How many stars can you get?

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