How to Build a Spitfire Speed Boat Plans Download How to Build a Spitfire Speed Boat Plans DownloadIF you're searching for that elusive extra mile an hour to put you ahead of competition with a small margin to spare, Spitfire is the boat for you. Just 10 Aeroboats with 1,100 horsepower on tap, able to propel the vessel to a top speed of between 75 and 95 knots, or 86-109 miles per hour, have been built.The vessel was created by Hampshire-based yacht design studio Claydon Reeves. The boat is sculpted in carbon fiber Kevlar and lightweight wood veneer to keep the weight down and ensure it rides the waves with ease.Each of the reconditioned Aeroboat engines will come with 'documented provenance' of its history. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Today’s article is all about spitfire on water. Claydon Reeves is an enthusiastic team of personalities who share over 3o years of experience in the super yacht industry.
The Aeroboat is Claydon Reeves’ answer to anyone seeking a boat combining speed and contemporary elegance; a heady combination of old-school romance and modern-day technology. Inspired by the British World War II fighter plane, the Aeroboat preserves the purity of this beloved aircraft. The fluid lines of the original plane combined with modern automotive features inspired the design.
Tho cockpit can be configured to an individual’s demands, comfortably accommodating four to six passengers.
The Aeroboat is ideal for anyone seeking a fast, stylish day boat whom might choose to breakfast in Antibes, lunch in St Tropez and dine in Les Hyeres. Keep following Design Limited Edition blog to see more amazing novelties and don’t forget to subscribe our Newsletter to receive our brand new articles. Well, my introduction kind of turned into a progress blog but will make one here so it's easier to be followed. After a quick pressure wash to see what I had got myself into I realised what a winner I was onto, no major damage, clean hull and lots of fun to come..

I could probably have got away with just flatting back the old paint and going over it but I didn't want to take any chances of reactions hence I went the whole way back. After these pictures were taking I obviously finished the bits that were unpainted in these shots.. Wearing old joggers but forgot to attach the dust hose to the sander so my bottoms took one for the team.. I'm picking that up when he is back from holiday, will service it up, paint it too match and get new badges for it. You mean the video's of the 9fts with about 4 inches of the boat in the water and the rest in the air? Their sole aim is the creation of unique and progressive designs through a tailored and flexible process.
Core to our concept is the renowned original Rolls Royce Merlin engine that powers the Aeroboat.
This can be visualized in the sensual form language of the stern echoing the wing’s trailing edge, the sweeping tail, and the authentic air intake scoop. Claydon Reeves plan to build a limited edition of five Aeroboats tailored to the personal requirements of each client from cockpit layout and interior trim to engine specifications and exterior finishes. I have lived on this forum since, learning lots along the way so hoping it will turn into something pretty special!
The orange peel will simply wet sand away leaving a glass like finish after a few more coats.. Unrestrained by the limitations of traditional precedents they are looking ahead to develop yachts that endure far into the future.
The supercharged Merlin V12 engine with its bespoke gearbox and final drive can be specified in various states of tune from 1500hp up to 2500hp giving rise to speeds in excess of an astonishing 75 knots.

Yet this is also a distinctly contemporary yacht design carbon fibre, Keviar and lightweight wood veneers.
The helmsman has the use of a combination os analogue gauges for basic functions and touch-screen navigational systems. Now, what I'm going to do is leave the part behind the windshield blue, a few other blue details and have the rest bright white..
Guy bought it new years back and hardly used it as he bought a smoother 4 stroke so it sat around until now.. Hull rides well in rough water without excessive pounding and has beveled sides for taking turns at wide open speeds without tripping. Trussed keel design and stressed plywood planking produce an extremely strong, lightweight hull. This is indisputably not your average tender but of course it could be carried on a super yacht. USES: Designed as a class "B" racing craft for competitive or impromptu racing with class "B" outboard motors. FEATURES: Low center of gravity especially with hydro "quickie" lower units adapted to motor.
SPEEDS: 50 MPH with Mercury Hurricane having hydro "Quickie" lower unit and at highest motor board setting possible.

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