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Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. An exceptional live steam model of an American ocean-going tug boat of the 1890 - 1930 period. For all their importance in American marine history and their distinctive American design fine period models of these most impressive ships are seldom seen. This exceptional live steam working model, circa 1915, is as fine an example of its type as one could want. This model bears the name, 'Pitcairn, Southampton' on brass nameplates mounted at the bow and stern.

The model was built with a top quality Boucher two cylinder working steam engine and Boucher boiler. These were massive powerful steam vessels of considerably larger size than the harbor tugs one usually thinks of. The model has fine lines and exhibits excellent craftsmanship and detail; Please view all the detail pictures in subsequent pages. A prime example of the best of its type 'Pitcairn' is a fine piece for the collector of American marine antiques.
These powerful ships, of distinctly American design, pulled strings of barges loaded with bulk cargo north and south off both coasts of the United States and were also the prime vessels used in deep sea rescue and salvage operations. The laying of deck planks, construction of cabin & wheelhouse, detail inside wheelhouse, funnel, rigging, etc.

Our 'Pitcairn' is a distinctly American design vessel quite different in lines from foreign ocean going tugs.
He had his own line of live steam boats, and offered his engines, boilers, and fittings to model builders. Boucher steam engines and boilers are highly sought after collector's items that were valuable when new and used in the best models of the period.

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