Captive drain plugs for relieving pressure in airtight buoyancy chambers in boats, canoes and kayaks. Robust steel spring clamps with heavy-duty springs for holding wood during the building of a boat. We recommend that you sandwich the wood you want to hold between two pieces of scrap wood or plastic before clamping, to prevent the jaws of the clamps from marking the wood. Although not as strong as F-clamps, these are more than adequate for most jobs when building our kits and are quicker to use.

Build your own boat using our top class wooden boat plans, it's just like using boat kits, hundreds of boat designs to choose from. A dory is a lot of boat for the money, which explains The narrow waterline results in a fast hull under sail or One pair of oarlocks and sockets is included in the kit. These cross stitch kits detailing the narrow boats of the British cs is sure to perk the interest of anyone interested in industrial history. Kit boats include Lobster Sloop complete with materials for the hull, inside and out, centre boardcase and rudder plus a how-to-build video.

These keep the buoyancy tanks airtight and should be unscrewed to allow air circulation when the vessel is not in use. Failure to unscrew them can result in the tank exploding if left for a long time in a sunny position.

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