Delivering ultimate quality service and satisfaction is what will help us soar above the rest and maintain a well established reputation, We have built over 30 yacht of different lenghts between 20-45 meters in the past 30 years. Besides the fleet of vessels delivered, the newly designed  yacht construction have unique concepts where we intend to change the standard of luxury yachting forever. Until the 1950’s, almost all yachts were made of wood or steel, but a much wider range of materials are used today. The use of wood has changed and is no longer limited to traditional board based methods, but also include modern products such as plywood, veneers, skinned balsa and epoxy resins. Sailing yachts can range in overall length (Length Over All = LOA) from about 6 metres (20 ft) to well over 30 metres (98 ft), where the distinction between a yacht and a ship becomes blurred. Cruising yachts are by the far the most common yacht in private use, making up most of the 7 metres (23 ft)-14 metres (46 ft) range. These yachts are generally 25 metres (82 ft) or longer, In recent years, these yachts have evolved from fairly simple vessels with basic accommodation into sophisticated and luxurious boats. On the biggest, 130-feet-plus (40 m) luxury yachts, every modern convenience, from air conditioning to television, is found.
Racing yachts try to reduce their wet surface area, which creates drag, by keeping the hull light whilst having a deep and heavy bulb keel, allowing them to support a tall mast with a great sail area. The motive force being the wind, sailing is more economical and environmentally friendly than any other means of propulsion. Monohull yachts are typically fitted with a fixed keel or a centreboard (adjustable keel) below the waterline to counterbalance the overturning force of wind on the vessel’s sails. Our long expertise in the sea will do the job for you in delivering your yacht for sale that you will choose from our portfolio.
Had steel boats for over 25yrs, 3 different ones, if I was buying a 2nd hand one the first place to look is the bilges, if they are rusty and tatty and have water in them ,look somewhere else, if the bilges are good it gives a clue to the rest of the boat.the maintenance is no more than a gps, if you lose a bit of paint stick a piece of pvc tape on it till you have time to fix,the best part is that they are so solid, you can walk from one side to the other and they dont move,if your waiting stationary and its windy they just hold the position, if I can be of any further help please contact. Nothing up with filler if it's been applied to fair the boat, most steel superyachts power and motor are faired (with filler) it's the treatment of steel under that counts.
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This 60' stabilized, steel, go-anywhere yacht was designed for worldwide family cruising with safety, range, comfort and confidence in mind. Contact Curtis via Email or call 954-684-0218 for more information and an appointment to view this yacht. This yacht is one that you should consider if you are looking for that perfect cruising yacht, she is very well fitted out with good accommodation and plenty of room for the family and friends.
Please fill out the short form and leave your international contact phone number if you would like us to call back.
It is a little known fact that Turkey ranks fourth among the world’s luxury yacht producers with 10% of the large yacht production.
The yacht construction are realized under the supervision of foundations which are recognized as first class within the international marine society such as ABS, Lloyds, GL, BV, RINA and internationally accepted principals and standards such as MCA, SOLAS, IMO and MARPOL.

Although wood hulls are still in demand, the most common construction material is fiberglass, followed by steel, aluminium, carbon fibre, Compozite and ferrocement (very few because of insurance difficulties). Wood is mostly used by carpenters or wooden boat enthusiasts when building an individual boat.
Most privately owned yachts fall in the range of about 7 metres (23 ft)-14 metres (46 ft) , the cost of building and keeping a yacht rises quickly as length increases. Sometimes called dinghies, they often have a retractable keel, centreboard, or daggerboard.
These vessels can be quite complex in design, as they need a balance between docile handling qualities, interior space, good light-wind performance and on-board comfort. Sailing yachts of this size are often highly automated with, for example, computer-controlled electric winches controlling the sails. Modern designs tend to have a very wide beam and a flat bottom, to provide buoyancy preventing an excessive heel angle.
A hybrid type of vessel is a motor sailing yacht that can use either sail or propulsion (or both) as conditions dictate. Vessels less than 7 metres (23 ft) in length generally carry a petrol outboard-motor of between 3.5 kilowatts (5 hp) and 30 kilowatts (40 hp). Admittedly if rust is bleeding thru' there's something that needs looking at, but if it's been treated properly then application of filler is not a problem otherwise a steel boat always looks --- well like steel. She is powered with a 6 cylinderLister diesel, shore power, 1000winverter system, good range of electronics and a good sail wardrobe.If you would like more information on this vessel or wouldlike to arrange an inspection please don’t hesitate to contact the office.
We will get back to you very quickly - more than likely immediately - and always within 12 hours. It is also often overlooked that one of the world’s top mega yacht builders are located in this rapidly developing market.
In the United States, sailors tend to refer to smaller yachts as sailboats, while referring to the general sport of sailing as yachting.
Most day sailing yachts do not have a cabin, as they are designed for hourly or daily use and not for overnight journeys.
The huge range of such craft, from dozens of builders worldwide, makes it hard to give a single illustrative description. Larger vessels have in-board diesel engines of between 15 kilowatts (20 hp) and 75 kilowatts (101 hp) depending on size. Obviously I'd get a survey, but it's the ongoing maintenance issues that I need to know about. We have steel boat which we stripped and had blasted inside and out and have had no problems in five years except small damage. I've got a round bilge steel boat that people think is GRP or very well kept wood but I had it filled and faired after shotblasting, coating with correct paints and she looks the biz. Within the limited context of sailboat racing, a yacht is any sailing vessel taking part in a race, regardless of size. Modern yachts have efficient sail-plans, most notably the Bermuda rig, that allow them to sail towards the wind.

The hull shape (or twin-keel layout) allows the boat to sit upright when there is no water. However, most favour a teardrop-planform hull, with a wide, flat bottom and deep single-fin keel to give good stability. Dedicated offshore racing yachts sacrifice crew comfort for speed, having basic accommodation to reduce weight.
In the common 7 metres (23 ft)-14 metres (46 ft) class, engines of 20 to 40 horsepower are the most common. Advantages are that very strong and easy to make look smart again - we repainted ours in half a day and was like new - cant really do that with GRP. SHANTI crossed the Atlantic and spent few months in the Caribbean and later returned to the Mediterranean. Such boats are designed to undertake short journeys, rarely lasting more than 2 or 3 days (hence their name). Most are single-masted Bermuda rigged sloops, with a single fore-sail of the jib or Genoa type and a single mainsail. Modern sailing yachts can be equipped with electric inboard motors in order to reduce consumption of fossil fuel. Now all but the smallest, most basic yachts have electric lighting, radio, and navigation aids such as Global Positioning Systems. The latest technology are outboard electric pod drives that can also regenerate electricity (motogens). These types are often chosen as family vessels, especially those in the 26 to 40-feet (8 to 12 m) range. Yachts around 10 metres (33 ft) bring in comforts such as hot water, pressurised water systems, and refrigerators. Yachts, ships and other vessels are, prior to sale, subject to price and inventory changes and withdrawal from market without notice.
Clever use of ergonomics allows space in the saloon for a galley (kitchen), seating, and navigation equipment.
This means that the auxiliary engine now also performs the vital function of powering an alternator to provide electrical power and to recharge the yacht’s batteries.
For yachts engaged on long-range cruising, wind, water and solar-powered generators can perform the same function. The smallest of this type, generally called pocket yachts or pocket cruisers, and trailer sailers can be transported on special trailers.

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