I have searched far and wide around the google internet globe to find some of the best free origami diagrams available.
From logo design to video animation, web development to website copy; expert designers, developers and digital talent are ready to complete your projects. Fold the left and right points out so the folded line is even with the outside edge of the square. For another simple paper folding project, please review the LoveToKnow Origami slideshow Origami Flowers for Cards.

A really easy to do modular origami dog as well as a bunch of other instructions are included in the Origami Video Kit.
Here is the full list of origami instructions I have on this website Just click on the link.
Origami Heart as well as a bunch of other instructions are included in the Origami Video Kit. Kusudama is a form of origami that involves creating large spherical shapes by sewing or gluing together multiple paper flowers.

You can use your single flower as a decoration for your home or make 12 of these origami paper flowers to connect together into a traditional Japanese kusudama ball. In this tutorial, LoveToKnow Origami will demonstrate how to make a single kusudama flower.

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