I am the original owner of this very low hours, fully loaded, 2006 Lowe Tihiti Suncrusier 194 Fish and Ski Deck Boat.
I am the original owner of this fully loaded 2006 Lowe Tihiti Suncrusier 194 Fish and Ski boat Deck Boat.
Well the PO wasn't totally honest with you on the condition of the boat, and that had to be frustrating.
The sooner you book this transport the better, if I get another load I will cancel this bid.

But looks like you'r catching everything that needs fixed, and having a good time fixing them. I put a 250 E-Tec on mine and set the center log back 18" if I'd done any less I would have been hiting my deck.
It has one of Mercury's most poplar trouble free outboard motors on it, the 115 hp Optimax. When done the pride you will feel for a job well done should wash away all the bad memories and you and your family can start making new memories,,,, thanks for the pics and keep them coming !!!

It's a fuel injected, oil injected 2 stroke motor that I have never had any issues with other then having to install a new battery.
I square my deck off in the back to have more room back there which was another reason for setting the motor back.

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