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Contains short videos on every imaginable subject related to New England's aquatic resources, from fishing to history, kayaking to engine maintenance. A few things have changed since Alex Byran and Cortlandt Heniger (hence the ‘Al’ and ‘Cort’ of their Alcort company) built the first one in 1952 as a beamier, and, with a well where feet can fit, more comfortable successor to their Sailfish. Each month our emailed newsletter keeps you up to speed on the top news items, videos, destinations, reviews and fishing articles on BoatingLocal, so you won’t miss a beat. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. At first I thought I'd make a bracket that could mount at either end, and try front and rear wheel steering. I see the front fork is controlled by ropes and the ever-present inner tubes- have you considered hitching the control ropes to the tiller so you can steer just like regular sailing?
I'm a bit suprised that there were ever plans for a wooden Sunfish (speaking of the class, yes?). All that said, I think either boat has much going for it as a sail trainer for young folk. The Sunfish is the dryer,(if such can be claimed for the type!) more comfortable, more able boat. Prob'ly the major drawback, in warmer waters, is the ease and desire to capsize either boat. I wrote Vanguard Sailboats and they said that 1959 was the last year Sunfish were made of wood.
These guys originally built iceboats and the construction is very similar to an old DN or Renegade with small pieces blocked together spreading a pair of plank sides.Weight was listed at 130 lbs. I can't remember about my brother's boat, but did the early wooden sunfish have the signature drain in the bow of the later glass ones? I'd never even heard of a wooden one, but given the age of the design, I should have figured that it had been built in wood at some point.
We found when racing a Sunfish with a Sailfish rig against a Sailfish, that the Sunfish was faster mostly due to the greater power of the hull.

Oh yeah, on those family outings, Mother's collie would tack us along the beach and join us for the fire out on the sandspit. Even as we got larger and larger boats, we never let go of having the Sailfish (and later a plastic Sunfish) as the knockaround kid's boat and the boat the Mom & Dad would slip off with for a few hours . I think that a Sunfish is just about perfect for starting out in sailing, especially for young people. For $1 and an SASE I will send it along with information on a much simpler alternative and information on a very low-buck rig equivalent to the SUNFISH. Off the wind, in a fresh breeze, in good puffs, the connection between the lone skipper and the boat on a sailfish is beautiful. On,building Jacques Mertens has posted that the Mechanix Illustrated for March, 1964, has an article on a FUNFISH that is a SAILFISH or SUNFISH clone. If anyone can supply the 1964 article, I will be glad to combine it with the 1975 article and offer the package for $1 and a long SASE.
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Construction switched from wood to fiberglass early on, improvements kept the rudder from popping up at the worst moment, and sails went from white to stripes of every color. For author and source information, click on the reference link provided at the end of the post. I had a pair of wheelbarrow wheels and found a pair of big bolts the right size to fit them. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. It would not have the history and appeal of an original wooden Sunfish, but it would sure be nicer than a 'glass one and would be a great learning project. You'll also find videos, links and info on places to shop, dine, and local points of interest.
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David Gundlach and Sons Museum Location: 22 Since the end of the Second World War, fiberglass has been the most widely used material for building boats. Solid ply bulkheads with a couple doorknob-sized holes bored through them, port and starboard, are blocked-in every couple of feet, attached to side planks built from Philppine Mahogany. Up until that time, they were plywood with spruce spars and originally, ten-panelled cotton sails.
The daggerboard well and mast step are blocked, to the bulkheads and anchored to a beveled keel piece and a deck beam which are let into the bulkheads and run full length, fore and aft. And tell me if I'm wrong but wind still equals capsize even with three people on board I have capsized.
Iceboats switched to front wheel steering to avoid spinouts when the rear steering blade lifts. I can't see a rabbet on the keel piece, so it may have been internal with some sort of outer keel strip to protect the joint where the plywood panels meet. If one of those landyachts is pointed downwind and gets into a situation where it can't turn, say because of other traffic, there's no way to stop it. When you shift your weight back there to hold it down, it makes the boat tippy by unweighting the wide front.
There are also four stringers, two under the deck, two inside the bottom and running lengthwise to help stiffen the plywood panels.
David Gundlach and SonsSince the end of the Second World War, fiberglass has been the most widely used material for building boats. I cut the fork short, beat the ends flat, and drilled holes for the axle bolt.The frame is a sort of cage that surrounds the bow of the boat.
The combination of glass fibers & strong epoxy glues can mimic the compound curves of wood, but at far less expense through mass production.
Today, many classes of sailboats and powerboats are built of fiberglass.Designed in 1958, the Sunfish is still one of the most popular one-design sailboat classes in the world.

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