Our Five Star houseboats have all the amenities you need to sit back, relax and enjoy your view of Table Rock Lake. Table Rock Lake, formed when the White River was dammed between 1954 World War II begin in Branson and then dip into the lake before returning to land. We also offer pontoon boat rentals for an afternoon of fishing or for a family outing of swimming and basking in the sun on Table Rock Lake.

Located on Table Rock Lake, offering watercraft rentals, including pontoons, waverunners, and bass boats. Find your HAPPY PLACE here on the 45 foot screened-in front porch, with great view of Table Rock Lake. Table Rock Lake Pontoon Rentals operates the Tri-Lakes area's largest fleet of rental pontoon boats.

Walk down to the lake and the private dock with boat slips and pontoon boat rentals available.

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