For Carolina inshore saltwater anglers who like to use live bait there is no excuse for not knowing how to throw a cast net.
As local inshore saltwater anglers prepare for spring fishing and peruse through Charlotte’s boat shows, tackle expos, fishing seminars and the big tackle stores a quality cast net should be at the top of their list of equipment to purchase. The best way to learn how to throw a net is to have someone teach you, although there are videos you can watch and many different ways it can be done. A five or six foot net is a good one to use for inshore baits when after fish like flounder, although how skilled you are (and how tall) factors into the size of net you want to throw. Depending on exactly where you go, you can catch mud minnows in your cast net, but you can also catch many other baits that might come through when mud minnows aren't producing. Live shrimp are available in the creeks, though catching them in any numbers may require you to get onto the land or get your boat far enough into a creek at low tide to reach them.
Live shrimp is the best of all baits for speckled trout, and all the other gamefish hit it.
Cast nets are not prohibitively expensive these days, and with the price of bait like live shrimp factored in, there is no reason not to use one. Jeffrey WeeksCharlotte Fishing ExaminerJeffrey Weeks is an award-winning North Carolina newspaper writer who writes about saltwater fishing and seafood cooking. This bloodline makes history with children in both the NBA and WNBAWhen the 2016 WNBA season starts on May 1, 2016, former player Pamela McGee will become the first woman to have children play in both the NBA and the WNBA. The winner of the NBA's Sixth Man of the Year Award will not surprise youWhen it comes to naming the ultimate role player in the NBA, the basketball world would be hard pressed to find a player more qualified than Jamal Crawford. ChrisFix shares a number of practical tips on buying a used car, including what to ask from the owner, how to check the car’s value and how to run a VIN check for free.
The most important thing when buying second-hand tackle of any sort is to know what you’re buying. Check for visible signs of wear or corrosion and if present, ensure that its cosmetic only.
If you have any questions about the product, it is best to ask them first before informing the seller of your intention to buy.
It’s a good idea, where possible to go and check out the item in person before committing to the purchase. In this example we see that in the past this eBay user has had 352 transaction (both buying and selling) and of those 100% have been positive. When buying items though internet forums, it’s a good idea to become a member and interact with the other members before start making purchases. Don’t be afraid to make offers to those that are selling items, if an item has been listed for a while or the seller just wants a quick sale, you might just find yourself with a bargain. Use the private message function provided on forums to communicate privately between members. Once you have decided you want the item, it’s best to send the seller a message of your intention to buy, then if the item is still available for sale you can exchange details. For buyers, you want to give your name and postage address, so that the seller knows where to send the package too. Keep in contact with each other, its best to send a message when the payment has been sent and when the goods have been received. Keep in mind when on internet forums that they are usually offered as a facility for members to buy and sell. Purchasing items from auctions is different from other forms of purchasing,  in that the final price is not decided until the auction is over. There are many different techniques on how to bid in an auction, however the follow are the two that I find most effective. While this can sometimes be hard for items you really want, bidding on an item just before the very end of the auction can be a successful strategy.

In the case of eBay, eBay will automatically bid on your behalf until your maximum bid has been reached. Bidding first can often turn other bidders away who are just trying to get a bargain, when they see that they getting outbid they will often pursue other auctions.
Where possible pay via PayPal, as its generally considered a safer method of payment, and if things do go bad, there is a possibility of seeing your money again. If buying items of value, it’s a good idea to request registered post or postage insurance, it should only cost a few dollars more but will give you piece of mind should your package go missing. Buying used tackle can be a great way to save money or purchase higher quality gear, than you would normally be able to afford.
Cast nets are invaluable for gathering baitfish, shrimp, and crabs and will pay for themselves many times over in value as you save money on live bait.
Also, throwing and retrieving a lead-laden net repetitively into and out of the water takes a lot of energy, and the larger nets take more. One of the best is the finger mullet, small jumping mullet that roam in big schools through the waterways and along the beaches during all the warm months and become a virtual horde in the early fall. Finger mullet won't stay alive in freshwater like mud minnows will, but they are hardy on the hook and everything loves to eat them.
Shrimp congregate in the pools and channels of the tidal creeks at low tide; so that's when you want to be there. However, it is difficult to use due to the presence of bait-stealers like pinfish in the warmer months. Common blue crabs are regulated by size so small ones should be returned, but other kinds of crabs can be used as baits for sheepshead or black drum.
Shrimp can be saved, of course, and shrimp caught by you and quickly flash frozen will be better in November than the stuff you buy frozen on the pier. These will give you a good idea of the over all condition of the product, and also any flaws should it have any. There’s no point savings $100 on a reel buying it second-hand if its internals are rusted out from going in the drink. No this does not refer to inviting the seller over for a barbecue on a Sunday arvo and getting to know them.
The feedback system allows members to rate each other after a transaction based on satisfaction. Do keep in mind that ridiculously low offers will usually get ignored and are generally frowned upon by sellers.
There is usually a little button next to their name or profile picture that allows you to send them a pm. Try and avoid getting yourself into a bidding war in the heat of the moment, just so you could beat the other bidder (this does happen). Being the first bidder and bidding most or all of what you want to spend puts you in the best place to win, as your bid will count first. This allows you to only bid as much as you need to and only place your maximum bid should it be needed.
Cardboard tubes are not recommended for posting rods.and you should request a PVC tube to make sure that your item arrives safely and in one piece. Following a few simple tips and informing yourself about a purchase will keep you out of trouble and satisfied knowing you got a good deal. If you would rather know you are getting a quality net and have it shipped to you without store or boat show markup you can look at my recommended cast net page on Surf and Salt.
Small pinfish, croakers, and spot are all great flounder bait, and they tend to take larger flounder, especially around structure that is where these types of little minnows congregate.
Usually cast netting for shrimp at mid-to-high tide will just be an exercise in frustration, so wait for low tide.

In colder waters it can be effective fished under a float to keep it up in the water column, or the same effect can often be achieved by fishing it with very little weight in a moderate tidal flow.
Large blue crabs can be cut up as bait for these species, or red drum who hit blue crab chunks fished around docks or pilings. Although frozen finger mullet are not a top bait in the spring or summer by late fall they make a very good alternative when flounder fishing. Knowing  the recommend retail price of the product will allow you to sort the bargains from the rip offs. If they wont allow you to have a look before you buy, there’s a possibility they maybe trying to hide something and it might be best to keep looking. If the transaction was hassle free then members will give a positive feedback response, in turn, if the transaction was negative, members will receive a negative response.
Users are usually given a post count (the number of posts they have written on the site) which can usually be found at the top of any posts they make . After a while you can get a pretty good idea of whats a good buy and whats a recipe for disaster. Also if a seller has mentioned that their price is firm and not open to offers, its best not to bother.
Also be sure to check out the postage costs that the seller is charging and include these into limit before bidding. Other members have no idea how much your maximum bid is until they place a bid that exceeds it.
If you are catching flounder, you will usually need to give the fish a little time to take the bait, as flounder often tend to chew on a mullet rather than gulping it down. A particular type of mud minnow, the striped killifish or tiger minnow, can be found in the creeks and is among the most frisky and hardy of minnows you can find. This is great for those wanting to purchase from sellers as the feedback rating allows you too get an idea of how the seller has carried out their transactions in the past. Post counts can help you determine the genuine sellers from those who are trying to move off gear quickly, trying to make a quick buck or profiteer from selling.
As with all types of internet shopping, payment must be made before any goods are sent off.
However if you have found yourself in a bad situation it is a good idea to let the admin of the forum know about it, so that they can possibly ban the member from selling in the future. When placing a bid, i find it best to place a bid of an obscure amount, say $50.60 for example.
Bluefish are famous for biting mullet in half, while specks will try to inhale the little guy.
You are looking for a seller to have a feedback score as high as possible, ideally 100% positive. Those with a high post count will have usually been around a lot longer than those that have just a few posts to their name.
It is best to make sure you have the funds available to make the payment as soon as possible to make the transaction nice and smooth.
Community based forums are pretty good stamping out dodgy dealers, but you don’t want to be the next victim.
Sellers do not want to be waiting on payment from buyers, and may offer the item back up for sale if they have not been paid. If you had just placed a bid of $50 because they had bid before you, their bid counts first.

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