Triumph gave this boat a a 150 Yamaha outboard motor, so you get a smooth ride and plenty of power, even with a crowd on board. Our entire boat fleet is made by Triumph boats, the strongest and toughest boats in the world. Topsail Boat Rental is for all the people who know that a day on the water is nature's best therapy - and that the expense of owning a boat is not. Fishermen, island hoppers, boaters, scuba divers, surfers, stand up paddlers, kitesurfers and dolphin watchers are all welcome to rent our boats for half day or full day trips. Take an island tour with our Coast Guard licensed captain and learn the waterways, see the sights and learn how to stay safe while enjoying some time on the water. The boats are located at 203 N New River Drive at the Blue Water docks just to the right of Topsail Island Trading Company, Surf City, NC 28445. In my blog post last week, you may remember that after living for four years in the Topsail Island area, I decided that it was high time I became a tourist. I headed straight for the Topsail Island Tourism Information Center and talked with the knowledgeable ladies there and came away with so many brochures explaining about the things to do on and around our island that I was overwhelmed! Bill came home from work one day last week and told me about a boat rental company that was going into it’s second year of business in Surf City: Topsail Boat Rental.
We met Mike the next day at the boat dock and after spending a few minutes with him discovered he was  a very qualified captain and guide.
Captain Mike had chosen a boat that seated eight people and had a canopy or top over it for shade. As we took our seats, we noticed that there was a GPS and depth finder by the wheel of the boat.

Asking us what our music preference was, Mike put on a Bob Marley station and before we knew it, we were out of the dock and were heading towards the Intracoastal Waterway. After going under the swing bridge that passed from the mainland to the island, our first encounter was with an osprey. Mike began pointing out the various creeks that flowed into the ICWW and showed us where, depending on the tides, good fishing areas were.
We gassed the boat up at the Harbour Village Marina, where we were greeted by Harbor Master Mike Muran.
We joined back into the ICWW and a mile or so later were already passing under the Swing Bridge to go back to our dock.
We offer kid friendly and family friendly private power boat rentals to people vacationing on all of Topsail Island. Explore Topsail Island and squeeze as much fun, excitement, education, and relaxation into your vacation as you possibly can.
If you're coming from the mainland, cross the bridge, take a left to go North on New River Inlet Drive and look for the Topsail Island Trading Company. The wind was in our hair, the sun was in a cloudless sky and happy music was playing on the speakers. He was said to have buried some of his treasure on Topsail Island and to have looted two of Captain Bonnet’s ships in the sound. We hated for our trip to be over but as they say, “All good things must come to an end.”  Captain Mike had shown us a wonderful time on the water and we were definitely going to be using Topsail Boat Rental again. You'll find it's easy to keep the deck clean and safe since there are storage compartments everywhere.

Even when the wind kicks up a chop, the ride in this 21 foot beauty keeps passengers dry and smiling. Whatever the size of your family or party, we have an easy to operate rental boat for the occasion.
Topsail Island is a barrier island off the coast of southern North Carolina, just south of Jacksonville and the Outer Banks.
New River Drive at the Blue Water docks just to the right of Topsail Island Trading Company, Surf City, NC. Get away from the crowds and take a lunch to Lea Island to watch the shorebirds, fish, and lay on the quiet beaches.
As we walked down the dock and got onto our boat, he pointed out the group of eight boats the company owned and said that within the next few weeks, two others were being added to the Topsail Boat Rental fleet. Mike’s wife holds down the fort with Surf & Sound while he takes care of tours like ours with Topsail Boat Rental.
Topsail Sound lies between the island and the mainland and is part of the 3,000 mile Intracoastal Waterway system that begins in Norfolk, Va.
During that time we saw, in the sliver of land between Topsail Sound and the ICWW, a Confederate Flag flying in the breeze. I knew I couldn’t sail down to the Keys, (that was for another Bucket List) but I was about to discover how amazing and magical our local waterways were.

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