He makes a good argument for outboard power for larger trailerable boats with efficient hulls given the efficiency of today's 4-stroke outboards including considerably lower intial cost than diesel inboard, more room in the boat, and easier to install. Location: Australia Personally, I think this size is too small to have a separate pilothouse. The advantage of a separate pilothouse (one that is truly separate) is that the helmsman can still operate at night whilst the rest of the crew can have the lights on elsewhere in the vessel. Location: Bellingham WA I ascribe to the theory that an important factor in designing the interior of a boat is the ability of the people on board to physically separate themselves from each other in order to prevent insanity and violence.
Location: GB that's fair enough, I thought a tad more seaworthy might be needed. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Estimated cost for quality construction materials (not including power) is $4 to $6 per pound.
The Benford XXX serial has been built in Sir Henry Wood steel ferro and from a fiberglass examine plans for these Trawler Yachts and many variations on them are. Location: Spain I'll make some comments because I guess that's what you meant to expose your design on this forum, getting comments, discussing and improving your design.
The boat has a great initial stability which will lead surely to a rolling period too short. The problem of trimming the lightship condition will be surely worse with full load unless you put fuel tanks, and other weights, very forward. If you think you have problems with the waves, it would be good to give some sheer to the main deck. The stern drives that I have seen seem to be outside of the power requirements of ?economical to operate?.

It can take many, many hours underway to make up the difference in initial cost, especially after the prop, shaft, bearing, etc are included for the inboard. But the reality is that this would be very seldom - if ever - done on such a small craft with just 2 people onboard. Again - you don't have a great deal of space to play with, so anything that you can do to make it 'feel' bigger, the better. But, I made the assumption that the plans were not available because there wasn't a link on the site to puchase them and there was a production boat being built from the plans. However, most of the plans that had the accomidatons that I would like were over the 8.5' max beam. I am interested in learning more about how an outboard is set up to keep up with the electrical loads. However, I would be concerned about the pounding of the flat bottom in any chop on the more open bays along the way.
Seaton’s boats are The late Art DeFever Naval Architect is the human race who rightfully earned cite for creating the cruising yacht designs we commonly foretell trawlers today.
Since 1939 Trawlers Characteristics Trawlers are generally defined American Samoa centrifugal yachts that boast fuel efficiency rugged lines sea desirable hull designs for retentive Trawler Yacht 470 FIBERGLASS. What can you say about their hydrostatic load conditions, stability, compliance with MARPOL, SOLAS, COLREGS, ?.?.
But please remember that aesthetics is a matter of personal taste, so you can easily disregard our opinions if you like the boat the way it is.
It will make the boat look better when viewed from common viewing angles, besides saving you some weight.
But the thread soon deteriorated into a discussion on the difference between compromise and optimization.

I was really looking for a sheltered helm station more that an totally enclosed pilot house. I do like the idea of being able to eliminate the below water line thru hull fitting too with using an outboard. BOAT PLANS BRUCE Richard John Roberts OFFICIAL WEB web site sauceboat plans boat kits steel boat plans aluminum gravy holder plans fiberglass gravy boat TRAWLER BOAT PLANS. TRAWLER sauceboat PLANS TRAILER Boat plans for amp traditional style cruising trawler yacht for wooden operating room fiberglass construction. Surely you are concerned about these issues, more technical and, perhaps, that's where we will be able to help more. Once the thread got back on track, the discussion turned to another boat than was first described. I did read some of the discussion on the economical use of and outboard rather than an inboard and am leaning toward this.
Also, are there concerns when using an outboard for extended times (months) without being able to flush salt water out of it's raw water cooling?
In the lowest 41 years helium has produced more than 400 designs many of which are long compass cruisers that define the modern trawler yacht. A question that sill remais for is the ability for the outboard motor the keep up with the electrical load requirements or if a generator would be needed?
Roberts OFFICIAL World Wide Web SITE boat plans boat kits blade sauceboat plans Al boat plans fiberglass boat plans Sir Henry Wood epoxy boat plans boat designs snub to size kits wooden trawler plans.

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