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The Roplene system begins with specially formulated low-density polyethylene compound powder which is poured into a high-temperature mold, placed in a large convection oven where the mold is rotated horizontally and vertically to melt the powder consistently throughout the mold to form the boat. For the 2013 model year, Triumph Boats offers thirteen models of bay, skiff, side, dual, and centre console models from 17 to 21 feet. Helm seating in the centre console is placed much higher than the dual console with a resulting bridge clearance requirement of 51” vs. Even though the polyethylene is naturally buoyant, the transom, sidewalls, and interior cavities of the finished hull are injected with high-density foam to exceed required flotation requirements.

The 170 CC (Centre Console) and 170 DC (Dual Console) models, subject of this review, are reasonably representative of a good portion of the Triumph lineup. This video along with the others in this section of the website is sure intended to drive home the point of just how tough a Triumph boat is built.
Triumph claims its molded polymer hulls are five times more impact resistant than fibreglass. Only the weight varies slightly between the two models, the Centre Console being seventy pounds heavier at 1,100. A 25-gallon aerated baitwell fed with an 800-gph pump and high speed pickup is standard as are two gunwale rod holders, two transom seats with cushions, stainless steel side rails, console storage, basic outboard instrumentation, plus a custom single axle galvanized trailer.

Both boats come with standard forward-facing seating with cushions ahead of the console(s) – double-wide on the CC, a single in front of each console on the DC.

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