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I recently bought the moulds from a procrastinator who left this sitting in his yard for a few years.
The only thing that strikes me is the potential for turbulent water flow at the leading edge of the tunnel. Location: Canada firth_andrew007 - if this is a planing tunnel hull, then you may find some help on my website. I'm not sure that the reduced buoyancy from the tunnel is worth the reduced wetted surface.
It will be a question of whether your AoA is reduced sufficiently at speed to negate the loss of buoyancy at the stern.
Location: Coastal Georgia You might have to vent the tunnel to break the suction.

Location: goldcoast hahah yeah i might just build the extension for the outboards for the moment.
Location: goldcoast but a mono hull at the bow and a tunnel hull come stern??
Location: Australia The boat I built looked eerily similar, looking from behind the stern, as yours, it had one outboard centrally mounted behind a nacelle in the tunnel, the cav plate about half way between the roof of the tunnel and the bottom of it.
Location: Australia I can't speak to the motives of the designer of your curiosity-piece, but my intent was to create a vessel with the kind of ride quality and resting stability of a cat, without the need for twin engines. That worked OK, don't worry that the forward part of the hull will interfere with water flow, the level just rises to meet the prop. I'd say it met those criteria, but I was never happy with the tracking in an arc between beam and stern quartering. If you look at the modern inboard tunnel jets ( Phantom sport jon, Seaark predator, Harbercraft extreme shallow ) you will notice some major differences.

Many of them are very knowledgeable, have decades of experience, and are generous enough to lend sound advice. ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS 12455 Click to write a caption for this image.Copyright 2010 Ceasar Infatable Boats,A US.
It did have some handling peculiarities inasmuch as it tended to jink around a bit in beam seas, but ride and stability were good. My boat was considerably deeper forward than yours, but a differently proportioned thing altogether, not long and skinny. You may want to have a look at the Glen-l builders forum as there is an archived discussion regarding pwc powered boats.

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