The smaller cousin to the revolutionary Type XXI, this u-boat was designed for coastal patrols. As mentioned in the About this website introduction, Water droplets do not scale and the water droplet size is the single most tell tale sign of a miniature effect, consequently the size of the model has a very great bearing on the realism of the final shot. It is hard to get a sense of the size of some of these models when you read a figure like this in a book or on a web page.
The size and scale of a model has a direct bearing on the effort and artistry required to produce a realistic effect.
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A great site dedicated to an entirely overlooked area of motion picture special effects which has fascinated me for years.

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The bigger the scale of the model the smaller this droplet will appear to be and therefore more realistic.
That model now resides as an exhibit at Bletchly Park, the WW2 centre for breaking the German Enigma code.
Miniature ships for visual effects photography therefore have been traditionally the largest single miniatures built, a product of both the dimensions of a full size ship and the model scales generally thought to produce the best miniature photography results. Not something you could easily put into the average hatchback and take down to the local pond. A extremely large model shot outdoors in real sunlight has the most chance of success but both the cost of building and the practicality of manipulating such a model are factors which keep this in balance.

After all the choice of using a miniature shot in the first place is because it is too expensive, too impractical, or too dangerous to achieve for real.
Many radio control enthusiasts and the ship hobby plans they build from are at this scale, though very few would approach these prodigious dimensions. It was not for any national pride reasons that the American ships were built to a larger scale than their Japanese counterparts, it was simply that the American ships had to be largely destroyed  and it was considered that the miniature explosions would look better at the larger scale.

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