Boat Dealers in Lagrange, GAComprehensive list of boat dealers in Lagrange, GA offering new and used boats & yachts for sale.
You can view the actual ad posted in the magazine along with additional information about the boats we currently have for sale. We carry the full line of Bentley Pontoons, Sunchaser Pontoons, Boat and PWC lifts from Hewitt Lifts & Roll-a-Dock.

To visit our ship's store or buy a boat, visit our retail locations: Park Marine in Kennesaw or Park Marine in Gainesville. Since 1976 we have been serving W Georgia and E Alabama with the finest in boating, individual watercraft, and all-terrain vehicles. We have a complete service Mercury and Honda outboard shop and a individual watercraft repair facility.

Weather you are searching for boat storage or a vacation package; we currently have a huge range of amenities to ensure everyone has an unforgettable time.

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