This is a used 2005 Dutchmen Adirondack with full kitchen, full sofa, 1 large slide-out, bunk beds, 2 private bedrooms. 2008 Crestliner 1650 SPORT ANGLER Little Rock AR You are viewing a 2008 Crestliner 1650 Sport Angler edition aluminum boat.
2005 Crestliner Sport Angler 1650 Omaha NE 2005 Crestliner 1650 Sport Angler with a 1999 Nissan 90 HP motor and single axle trailer. 2004 - Crestliner Boats - 1650 Sport Angler in Muncy, PA 16' Crestliner Sport Angler with a 60HP Mercury BigfootThe Sport Angler 1650 features a Super Hawk styled hull, a pure fishing layout and a wrap-around, walk-through windshield to keep you comfortable. 2006 - Crestliner Boats - 1650 Sport Angler in Topeka, KS JUST TRADED FOR ONE OWNER CUSTOMER HAD PURCHASED THU LAKESIDE , HAS MERCURY TACH AND SPEEDOMETER , HAS TROLL.

2008 Crestliner 1650 Sport Angler You are bidding on on of the cleanest boats we've had. The front of the camper has been slightly warped from being in the sun I believe, it may appear damaged in the photo but there is no damage.
Good restorable truck I believe most all of the truck is there including the original glove box door with its data plate . SPARE TIRE AND RIM, WE HAVE SERVICE MOTOR, NEW WATER PUMP,OIL AND FILTER, CHANGED GEAR LUBE READY TO FISH, LOW HOURS . There was a small leak at the slide-out and the front of the trailer and these were sealed by the dealership.

There is also a good running 251 six and a 5 speed trans from a 1 ton 46 Dodge truck I had this engine running last summer and ran very good with good oil pressure I noticed it does have a rebuild tag on the side of the block.

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