Roller furling jib, rubber dingy outboard, life jackets, sleeps 5, stove icebox, plenty of supplies, equipment, hardware, original shipshore radio, very nice condition. The boat has a new prop, 5 life jackets, one towable tube for two adults with tow rope, two bumpers and an anchor.
When I purchased it I had a detail inspection done from Sea Ray in Federal Way I used the boat four times last summer on lake tapps.

The boat was purchased from a army vet who brought it from West Virginia in 2010 he had it in heated storage until I bought it in 2013 he had not run the boat for three years. I have all the records and manuals that were turned over to me plus the inspections and service I have had done. Port fuel tank was replaced, both engines rebuilt, electronics upgrades (2013), updated master head, the list goes on and on.

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