A used boat will cost less than a new boat and therefore if you choose the right boat first time you can find yourself getting a lot of value for your money, making it a wise investment. For example when purchasing a pre-owned boat from a reputable Dealer, the Dealer will ensure that the boat is registered in your name, free of any encumbrances, as well as ensure that the vessel is supplied with a current seaworthiness certificate (COF) in your name, and that all the documentation pertaining to the vessel’s flotation and seaworthiness, and trailer registration, are present and correct. It is a common misconception that the Dealers are more expensive when considering a pre-owned boat.  The overall market which is way more powerful than all the Dealers put together, will ultimately determine at what price boats will change hands. Often when a vessel is purchased privately, it sometimes transpires that the boat does not have a flotation certificate, or indeed any form of flotation which essentially renders the boat useless in its current condition.  So what was supposed to be the start of a fun process turns into an expensive exercise, leaving you stranded with an inferior boat package option when compared to the same-priced ‘ready to go’ unit that you could have bought from a reputable dealer. First appearances of a used boat are crucial, if it’s dirty or looks a little shoddy, then that’s just a precursor of what more is to come, so rather just walk away, it’s not worth the risk.
Does the chassis number reflected on the registration certificate of the? trailer match the number stamped on the trailer? Does the boat have a current Seaworthiness Certificate (COF), and if not, ?when was the last survey done as this is an ongoing annual requirement? Visually inspect the boat for any obvious damage or repair work meaning that at some stage it’s been involved in an accident. With the engine running check to see that the gearbox is working properly ?when engaging both forwards and reverse. Check to see that the steering system is free and smooth, or if the boat is? equipped with Hydraulic steering that there are no hydraulic fluid leaks. If there are inspection hatches in the deck, check the timbers below deck? for integrity, eg.
Preferably buy a used boat from the region in which you live, so that you have some sort of closer proximity recourse should there be any problems.

Finally before you arrive home with your new pride and joy, your Used Boat, make sure you that have your partner’s full consent to make that purchasing decision.Rocking up at the house with something unannounced hitched to the back of your car could have unpleasant repercussions…!If any of these items do not check out, rather give your nearest Honda Marine dealer a call and let them assist you in appraising the vessel. Electronics: radar, cockpit speakers, navigation center, compass, tv set, gps, vhf, cd player, dvd player, log speedometer, computer, autopilot, radio, wind speed and direction, depthsounder, plotter. Electronics: wind speed and direction, depthsounder, navigation center, gps, cockpit speakers, log speedometer, radar detector, dvd player, cd player, compass, plotter, autopilot, radar, vhf. If you follow a basic set of guidelines, study all the pros and cons, and rather purchase from a reputable dealer than privately or online, there is every chance that you’ll make your purchase a good experience, giving you and your family in the longer term endless hours of pleasure on the water. The other positive to consider when purchasing from a dealer is that you, as the consumer are protected under the consumer protection act, against material defects and there is an implied 6 month warranty, which you do not have when purchasing privately or for example on Gumtree.
It often happens that someone purchases a “bargain” on Gumtree (or other online mediums) only to discover, sadly and more often than not too late in the day, that they could have bought a later model, an overall better boat package, free of defects for way less from the Dealer. Try and get hold of him or her, find out why they’re selling, ask them how the boat performs and handles, and most importantly how was the boat looked after.
If it’s fibreglass, check for blisters, gouges, separation or leakage between the hull and the deck.
The initial ?purchase of a 4-Stroke will be more expensive, but the cost of overall? ownership will be a lot less.
If? the boat is equipped with an engine larger than 90HP, it should ideally be? rigged with hydraulic steering as this will greatly benefit your driving ?comfort and your overall boating experience, as well as future ?potential resale value. Check that there are no cracks, stress fractures or rotting as this is? potentially a very expensive repair, sometimes costing more than the ?actual value of the hull, making it not worthwhile to fix.
It might save you from a bad experience and help to ensure that your time spent on the water is rather one full of fun and enjoyment.

Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world. Southern Wind Shipyards has given shape to this artwork mixing advanced materials and construction techniques with its well established craftsmanship. The aesthetic of Matelot is modern and attractive; on deck, a panoramic deck saloon which allows a 270 degrees outlook is complemented by a generous sunbathing area, located between the crew and the central cockpit dedicated to the guests. The double level bar splits the forward area, fully dedicated to the Owner, with the amidship one which accomodates two ample pair cabins, each one tailored with pair berths and ensuite front.
The aft team compartment, consisting of two pair cabins, as well as galley, a independent dining area and the nav-station, are directly accessible from the aft cockpit through a second companionway.This lay-out allows at the same time privacy for titleholder, customers and team and great functionality in the yacht management. The titleholder and his customers may relax sitting on the roomy settees, enjoying the high condition finishing of the renowned Southern Wind Shipyards joinery.
On seaport side a dining counter may luxuryably accommodates the customers and it is surrounded by a U sofa. On the opposite there is a conversation area with two settees and a coffee counter in the middle. Matelot has been continuously upgraded by the ship pilot and has been maintained to the highest normal.

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