Shown with optional swing away tongue, Transformer aluminum wheels, boat guides and spare tire.
Finally, there is a structural, saltwater boat trailer designed to safely support even the largest boats. An all wheel freshwater brake flush kit and all stainless steel hardware protect your boat trailer from even the harshest of saltwater conditions and can all be packaged together with galvanizing in our Loadmaster Salt Water Series boat trailer line.

Unlike other galvanized or aluminum boat trailers which are bolted together, our Saltwater boat trailer is galvanized after it’s frame and numerous cross members are welded to the correct specifications for your boat and your needs. All trailers have been inspected and many have been reconditioned with new parts including axles, hubs, bunks, bearings, brakes etc. Additionally all necessary parts and components used in creating the ideal Loadmaster boat trailer for you are galvanized as well, including the wheels on your custom boat trailer.

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