Pontoon Boat with 50 HP Evinrude outboard motor and Hoosier Float-On Trailer 1975 SANPAN 24’ Pontoon Boat, 20' Deck with 1977 50 HP EVINRUDE Outboard and 2008 Hoosier Float-On Trailer. DRIVE ON NEW PRICED LIKE A USED ONE SPRING SALE (Indiana) See every Pontoon boat trailer for sale (41) Boat Resources See every used Pontoon trailer in Indiana on an interactive map. Used boat & watercraft consignment sales in Galax, Independence, Hillsville, Fries, Mount Airy NC, and surrounding area.

We always have an assortment of good quality used boats with trailers on hand for sale and we also handle a few watercraft consignments. Since 1992 the name "Wolverine Trailers" has in many places become synonymous with pontoon boat trailers. As a licensed Virginia watercraft dealer, Chestnut Creek Trading will provide all of the temporary paperwork necessary for the titling and registration of any boat purchased from us.For the best deal in town on your recreational watercraft, stop by or call and talk to Sam today!

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