We carry a wide selection of pre-owned pontoon boats that will fit just about every budget.
A pontoon boat can provide years of fun such as tubing, skiing, wake boarding, cruising, fishing or entertaining. So whether you need a pre-owned pontoon boat or a new pontoon boat, we are the right place to visit..

The experiences you will have in your pontoon boat are priceless, plus pontoon boats are affordable especially when you purchase a pre-owned pontoon boat through Kooper's Cars and Marine in Gun Lake, MI. We pride ourselves in excellent sales and service, and through the years have proven this by becoming one of Gun Lake Michigan's premier pre-owned pontoon boat company. There are many models of pre-owned pontoon boats available, including top brands such as Bennington, PolarKraft, Manitou, and Smokercraft.

Pre-owned pontoon boats have many amenities that will virtually eliminate the need to return to land.

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