The Luxury Compact 8' wide LS model is the family boat even for those who have to travel to the water! LS Cruise models offer the luxurious design and rigid structure you expect from an Avalon deco inspired model with Bow benches and a dual use rear bench that offers interior and exterior seating. This stock boat has black wall skin and is powered by a 60 HP Mercury 4 stroke engine.

This affordable, luxurious, easy to use, easy to trailer model is available in a multitude of interior layouts that include Deco 4 wall design, matrix 50 interior and rigid structure.
Avalon's clearly distinct, Deco 4 wall design and unique accents give this boat high end looks in a Luxury Compact design . All furnishings are mounted on the world's only aluminum lifetime seat frames with no wood or plastic components.

These seat frames feature the industry's only flow through dry ventilation and seat base cladding.

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