When you are making the decision to purchase a boat there are many variables that you will need to take into consideration and you will, more than likely, have a lot of questions. They are also highly skilled at servicing all types of new and used pontoons, bass, ski & fish, fishing pontoon boats and many other types as well. Keep your boat and its motor in the best working condition by bringing it to our reliable service staff at our Yantis Texas shop. Whether you're looking for new or top quality used boats, Sandy Creek Marina has the solution for you.
After you have found the perfect boat, we can direct you to the best marine financing to assist you in finding the best boat loan rates available.
We have two locations in Texas, on beautiful Lake Hubbard Creek, in Breckenridge, TX, and on Possum Kingdom Lake, in Graford, TX.
Answer: It is not recommended unless it is made specifically for boat transporting since the wind may blow it off or at minimum scratch your boat up. Answer: If you have your boat shrink wrapped for transport make sure it is professionally done.
Getting your boat ready as regards appearance and repairs is the initial move towards finding a buyer for her. Yesterday I got a call from my neighbor, he owns a Mastercraft X-something and in a panic on the other end of the phone I hear, “Man! I hear a lot of people talk about their horrible boat owning experience’s and how a boat will always be a maintenance nightmare.
Boat builders and boat lovers alike are always coming up with awesome new ideas and innovations to enhance your entire boating experience. 2016 Sylvan S3 With the Sylvan Lifetime+6 warranty, through-bolted deck cleats and optional .060 marine grade aluminum underdeck liner, the Signature S3 pontoon boat is ready for everything. We’re not talking about all of the regular eight or ten foot pontoons, popping up all over the United States.
The Ranger 620FS is a do-it-all fishing machine with big-water character in a sub-21-foot package.
For years now, Ranger's 600 series has been the gold standard for fiberglass multispecies boats, but for 2015 it's gone platinum with the 620FS. I have been Scanning Manufacturer sites for new and great innovations to write about and couldn't help but notice how many websites were so badly made.

Indonesia destroyed 23 foreign fishing boats on Tuesday, as worsening relations over the disputed South China Sea drive countries to take tougher action to defend their maritime sovereignty.
Alumacraft's 2072 Bay gets a Coastal Edition renovation that alters this monster of fishing boats into a delight. Practically every individual is aware of the fact that aluminum boats are built for fresh water sailing, isn't that so? The group at Yamaha has created a new animal for the watersports world and just like their award winning jet sport boat models their new single engine jet drive center console is sure to be a hit.
Mike had terrible day fishing on the lake, sitting in the burning sun all day without catching a single one. While every boat maker out there has something awesome to offer, there are still some that boat owners and enthusiasts everywhere love more than others. Everyone I know that owns a fishing boat wants to buy the latest and best accessories for their boat. Ranger Boats and Triton boats for sale, the best built bass boats, fishing boats and others in the industry from a trusted boat dealer in Texas! We carry a full line of new Ranger and Triton boats for sale powered by Mercury, Yamaha, Johnson and Evinrude outboard motors. At Diamond Sports Marine we can assist you in deciding which fishing, bass, cruiser, ski and fish or other boat is right for you, and answer any questions that you may have. We would like to thank all the people that have done business with us, as well as, those who have emailed or called us about new or used fishing, pontoon, bass boats, cruiser, ski and fish or other boats. Sandy Creek Marina makes it easy with experienced personnel to assist you in finding just the right boat for you. The friendly and professional staff will give you a tour of the boat and take you on a demo ride. In some cases the shrink wrap comes apart during transport and causes more damage than good.
It has been around in one way or another since 1970s and it has been deeply rooted in the 1990s. Today’s boats engines are better designed and better built to let you make the most of your time on the water! More often than not, these new ideas are logical and useful that really makes you wonder why it hadn’t been thought of before.

Embark your vision along its length, there is not a glimpse of a vessel’s traditional perimeter going around it.
The Us coast Guard has put together a basic outline of the minimum requirements to follow for a safe boating experience.
Taking your pets out for a day of fun on the water is always a great time, but there are some things you should remember so that you and your pets are safe. Whether it be simple things, like a Stereo that can be heard on the other side of the lake or the Depth finder that has all the bells and whistles.
A viewer who understands anything about the boating or fishing can't help but watch slack-jawed. We offer new boats for sale and we are a used bass boat dealer offering bass boats for sale near the Dallas, Texas and Royse City areas.
At Diamond Sports Marine, we offer boat and outboard repair and maintenance services on Lake Fork in Texas. If we don’t have the boat you want or you need custom features on your new boat, we can order your boat to meet your specifications.
Take your pick from our inventory by Bennington, Crownline, Triton, or Yamaha personal watercraft.
Our finance department can handle all of your financing needs, tax, title and license paperwork. The ruggedly handsome outdoorsman backs his truck with a bass boat on a trailer down the ramp. We will hook your boat up to your vehicle and perform a thorough inspection of the lights and trailer to insure your safety on the highway. We strive to uphold customer satisfaction and look forward to being able to help with all of our customer's boating sales and service needs. We carry an additional $200,000 insurance policy to protect you from any unforeseen events.

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