I sell trailers for work that are made of nice, double boxed extruded aluminum bars, very stiff and strong stuff. Gun control is like trying to reduce drunk driving by making it harder for sober people to own cars. Do you guys think a comercially avaible, good quality aluminum rack for a Jeep would be a popular item?
I personally think it's an awsome idea, but roof rack prices are absolutely refawkindiculous!!!!! Rowing Boat TrailersWe manufacture a comprehensive range of rowing boat trailers with a variety of accessories allowing you to customise your trailer.
In 1995, boat designer Phillip Morrison created plans for a boat ideally suited for rowing across Oceans. This well-designed boat has become the most common boat used in ocean rowing.  Plans and kits can be purchased for the homebuilder, or a growing second-hand market offers a variety of Philip-Morrison-designed boats for sale.
It is generally cheaper to purchase a second-hand vessel with prices ranging from $20,000 to $50,000. The one-person boat above is a French design made from plywood.  These boats are used in the Rames Guyane Race which goes from Senegal, Africa  to French Guyana, South America.

If you think of something we haven't let us know and we will turn your idea into a design and custom build it.
It is capacious enough to shelter two people and hold several months of provisions, is lightweight, self-righting and shaped to move easily through turbulent waters. These are slightly scaled down versions with only one rowing station.  Alternatively a boat designed for two can be rowed solo. Then you can show everyone your amazing idea! "Having run two of your trailers for several years now, they have proved sturdy, reliable and spacious. They have absorbed all the work we have demanded of them and are still as robust and serviceable as they were when new. Their rugged stability and predictable handling make a positive contribution to safe boat transport and protection of the load too!"Tim Durrant - Harper Trust Boathouse serving Bedford School, Bedford Modern, Bedford High School for Girls & Dame Alice Harper SchoolTC 1200 ET 2x9Part of our new Easy Tow series, lightweight and specifically designed for drivers who have passed their test after 1st January 1997 and have not taken a separate towing test. With a lighter chassis and body the trailer still retains the quality of the models in our range and is a useful size for smaller clubs or as a second trailer.  TC 1700 HDG 3x6One of the latest models in our range. This has been specifically designed to suit the demand for a useful trailer that can be towed by a medium sized car. Built with all the features within our boat trailer range with the advantage of adjustable top levels on first and second racks.  TC 2000 HDG 3x9 A useful sized boat trailer suitable for smaller clubs with adjustable top levels on first and second racks.

This enables boats to be angled to clear the towing vehicle and the trailer remains compact for ease of towing.   TC 2000 HDG 3x12Our most popular boat trailer suitable for the majority of clubs.
Designed to carry front boat overhang above the tow vehicle on the third and top rack.   TC 2500 HDG 4x12Successfully used by larger organisations with the ability to transport and safely store numerous boats and equipment without the risk of damage or sagging. The design has evolved to meet customer requirements and can be adapted to suit individual needs.   AccessoriesWe have everything you need to make your towing experience easy. We offer mudguard platforms giving you safe standing, fold away steps, protective rack covering to ensure boats travel without damage, a front tool box to keep things within easy reach, a spare wheel cover and an easy to use tow hitch system.
We can also fit a bicycle rack, add additional racking for extra support on the top level and supply insurance approved wheel clamps and hitch locks.

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