View DetailsHere we have an intricately detailed Caldercraft wooden model ship kit: the "Joffree Tyne Tug Boat " !
Now a quick question for you a friend of mine on another forum is looking for info on a boat from hull that you may have some knowledge of.
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Building the KK Senator, photos and details - John Anthony Model Design, Cayton Vintage Models, Model Aircraft and Boat plans service.
Have you got a full set of railings as I didn't use the ones supplied with the kit, so they are here unused - I'll pass them on if it would help. The boat kit is a real time-warp, really, it includes a Humbrol advert and a typed advice slip about oil based paints and dopes. Only a very limited amount of time is available for editing contributions into a suitable format for placing on the website so it is important that the material is well presented, lucid and free from obvious spelling errors. It is an opportunity for Website Members to freely share their  expertise and experience but I am afraid that virtue is its own reward as there is no budget to offer more material recompense! This will just be photo's and a trip down memory lane.The Senator was probably my first rubber powered model and first built 44 years ago!

Similarly, because I didn't go for the two lifeboat setup I didn't make the Veron davits - I've also got those, still to cut out from the wood.
I think it goes without saying that contributions should be illustrated by appropriate photos. It flew ok if not brilliantly, mainly because l was too scared to over wind the motor with the resulting wrecked fuselage.I do remember being impressed with the size of it (I was a small boy at the time!) and had great fun in my local fields, gliding it down a rather large hill and chasing it to the bottom. Looking at what I can see of the instructions you have I have to agree she appears to be very close to original  design.

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