When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. A troupe of 12 artists from Thang Long Water Puppet Theater is giving fascinating Vietnamese water puppet performances in the Festival de Títere (puppet festival in Habana), from March 23th to 25th, 2012,at the invitation of Cuban Ministry of Culture.
This it is the first time this unique kind of puppet dancing on water is introduced in Cuba, said the Vietnamese Ambassador to Cuba Vu Chi Cong.

According to the Ambassador, the upcoming water puppet performance does not only help Cuban understand more about Vietnamese culture, but also strengthen special friendship between two countries. Founded in 1969, Thang Long Water Puppet Theater has brought Vietnamese water puppetry to many countries all over the world for over 40 years.
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In this occasion, Cuban will have chance to approach to distinctive cultural characteristics of Vietnamese, which are depicted through legendary and stories about daily life of Vietnamese farmers, dealing with topics such as rice harvesting, fishing, and weaving.

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