Boat History Vintage Model Works specialises in renovation and construction of model aircraft and boats of the 1940s, 1950s & 1960s. Classic designs by Veron, Maycraft, Aerokits, Frog, Adamcraft and Modelmaker are brought back to life.
The Marlin is over 50 years old and is scratch built and of wood and ply construction, a one-off model.
A photograph showing the Marlin engine (actually a modified  two-stroke British Anzani outboard motor) fitted with a clutch and electric pump for water-cooling the cylinder head.  Two persons are required to lift the model because of its heavy weight. This photograph shows the larger Taycol Double Special (centre) compared to the smaller Supermarine and Meteor motors.
At 54 inches in length this was the largest production kit available in 1956, an extremely capacious hull making it suitable for bulky early radio control equipment and batteries. After lying incomplete for many years in a junk shop this example was finished by VMW in 2001. Another Wavemaster revovated by VMW in 1998 powered by Robbe 700 motor (water-cooled) with power from Nmh battery.  The model is used for charity promotion.

Photograph taken in 1953 of the Wavemaster with the original description emphasising its suitability for radio control. John Oliver of Oliver Tiger engine fame pictured in the 1950s with his Wavemaster powered by an Oliver Tiger Major 3.5cc marine diesel engine. The late Vic Smeed probably the most prolific designer of boats and aircraft in the World.  Also editor of Model Maker and Model Boats and author of many books on modelling.
Frog Kit – Described as a high speed patrol launch this example was renovated by VMW modellers in 1999 and converted to electric power using Robbe 700 motor which is extremely fast using Nmh batteries. VMW use Sea Queens for Charity promotions.  This model is over 40 years old and is seen entertaining the public near Swanage pier, Dorset in 2006. Considered to be the E-type of motorboats in the 1960s, this photo shows one of the many celebrity owners, Billy Butlin racing his open cockpit Huntsman at the Daily Express power boat race in 1961.
Introduced in the late 1950s to the Veron range by designer Phil Smith.  This photograph shows him examining the prototype Veronica with the restored model at Poole in 2007. This photograph of a Sea Commander that had attempted to cross The Solent  is shown at Ryde, Isle of Wight, where it had successfully completed half the crossing in 1963 before the weather had forced the attempt to be abandoned.  It was powered by a Taplin Twin marine diesel engine which was somewhat over-powered for the size of the model.

An original Aerokits advert from the KeilKraft Marine Models catalogue showing the range of fittings available from Mersey Marine. An original advert for the Sea Hornet from the KeilKraft Marine catalogue also showing fittings available at the time. An original Aerokits 34″ Crash Tender renovated by VMW modellers in 1999, powered by a Graupner 700 motor with an Electronize 35 amp speed controller. Contact us with errors, copyright information, problems or suggestions to our plans or DIY info. Northern Star Customs Launch, 54 inches length and 15 inches beam, based on a Bolsons design (Poole boatbuilder now defunct).  Introduced in 1956 by the Keelbuild Model Aero Works of Newcastle.

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