I wonder if this guy stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a box of Munchkins and just decided on the spot to sell his 1988 Donzi Testarossa Minx. This 1956 Larson Falls Flyer is one of the coolest and most unique boats we’ve ever featured.
The narrow hull, double cockpits, rear steering, swept stern that wraps around the transom – this Larson Falls Flyer is straight out of a 1950s comic book. This 1974 Hondo T-Deck Runner Bottom has an award-winning Von Dutch paint job and enough motor for a boat 6 times its size. This fully restored 1959 Chris Craft Ski Boat will do a lot more than win you a ribbon in your local boat show.
Bring back the classic resort era of the 1950s with this 1955 Thompson Sea Coaster runabout.
This 1955 Thompson Sea Coaster is in beautiful condition and it’s ready for the water. That’s a pretty simple instrument panel, but electric start was a pretty cool feature when this Thompson Sea Coaster was built.
I sure would like to see Daisy slide off those Dukes and get a little sun in this 1997 Challenger. This 1972 Correct Craft  Mustang is a total restoration project, but if you’re into ski boats, this Mustang would be a damn cool boat to restore. This 1972 Holman Moody-equipped Correct Craft Mustang is in need of a full restoration, but please keep the original color.
A large swath of Honduras was reportedly cut over to provide enough mahogany for the impressive 25-foot hull on this 1935 Garwood.
This 1968 Chris Craft Corsair Sport V Transdrive Sunlounger sure has a long name for a 17-foot boat. This rare Chris Craft is #37 of only 150 built at the Thompson Corsair plant in 1968. This 1968 Chris Craft Corsair Sport V Transdrive Sunlounger sure like nice in the water, even if it takes you nine years to remember the full name. You wont find a boat cockpit that looks more like the interior of a classic british sports car than this Crandall Super Flyer. You’ll feel like you never left your backyard with the vintage lawn furniture interior on this MFG runabout. This interior of this 1973 Eliminator features new white upholstery and a whole shitload of chrome exhaust.
Stryper’s 1985 debut release, Soldiers Under Command, featured a yellow and black conversion van on the album cover. I was going to write up an unusual little jet boat this morning, but then I saw this fully restored 1964 Rockholt.
This 1968 Correct Craft Ski Nautique is clean, simple, and ready for all the water skiing you can handle. It’s orange and white, and this 1973 Chris Craft XK22 is a real dreamsicle on the water. This 1977 Mako Starpacer never went into production, so you won’t have to worry about anyone else showing up at the party in the same boat.
Don’t worry about that half a person lurking behind the canopy of this 1964 Thompson Thomboy. I love the completely separate cockpit out in front of the windshield on this 1946 SpeedLiner dual cockpit runabout.
The dual cockpit design of this 1946 SpeedLiner runabout is perfect for boating with people you don’t want to talk to. So, you restore a 70-year-old mahogany SpeedLiner, and then put a new Nissan outboard on the back and “customize” it with a bunch of tacky, fake, gold SpeedLiner graphics?
When people think of Classic Chris Crafts, it’s usually the stately mahogany hulls of the 40s and 50s that come to mind, but boats like this 1969 Chris Craft Lancer carry every bit as much classic style. The red lettering and thin lines across the top are perfect, classic complement to this Chris Craft Lancer’s white hull.
In 1968, Austin Powers was cryogenically frozen, and the GW Invader cryogenically shrunk down into this little 10-foot two-seater. Most jet-driven oddities are more like jet ski prototypes, but this Jet Lark has a tiny, regular boat interior. It’s been restored and customized, and when the humble folks at the Tomahawk Boat Company rolled this 1961 Tomahawk Ski Mate off the line, they surely never thought it would look like this more than 50 years later. This Tomahawk Ski Mate has a little more flare now than it did when it rolled off the line in 1961. Nothing fancy about this Tomahawk Ski Mate, but the paint and upholstery certainly set it apart from the rest. Driving this Nautica World Spinnaker Sea Kart looks like a lot of fun, but that passenger seat looks like it could get pretty dicey. This Glen-L Designed Monaco boat hull is a perfect project for someone who wants to build a really nice boat but doesn’t know how to build a really nice boat. Unless you got to visit the Mikkelson Collection before it was dismantled at auction a couple of years ago, you’ve probably never seen a Falls Flyer. The 1958 Larson Falls Flyer took design cues from the auto industry – including fins with turn signals. This is about as cool as any vintage aluminum boat can get – meet the 1956 Feathercraft Vegabond II. The photographically-challenged seller only offers one picture of the boat without a cover on. Per the Charlotte, Michigan seller, this 16-foot Donzi was completely redone over a three year period. The rear air scoop looks cool on this boat and the rear engine must provide power via v-drive.
The seller has replaced nearly everything on this boat including seats, gauges, steering wheel and wood.
The re-polished chrome emblems, through-hull exhaust and barrel back rear end all fight for your attention. Twin 125hp Mercury engines of the same vintage as the Carlson Corinthian seem to fit the boat’s look the best. Manufactured in Downey, California, these Regatta Custom Family Ski Boats didn’t see a lot of distribution outside of the west coast.
The interior is spartan, looks like a lone speedometer is all you get for driver information. Seller says the engine is currently winterized but has video footage of it running and that compression is good.
Largely intact, but needing a lot of wood work, this Chris-Craft Sportsman has all the important pieces to go with it. You can practically feel the heat pouring off the flames on the bow of this 1977 Wriedt jet boat. The rear of this 1977 Wriedt almost looks sane, until you note the wavy checkerboard divider and the sweet purple fade.
This is what it would look like if the dude from Cheap Trick strapped on that quintuple-necked guitar and made mechanical intercourse with an overblown Donzi.
Why look at photos of this 1970 Sea Sprite when you can look at this multi-photo masterpiece. The interior on this 1971 Ski Nautique has been redone and it’s ready for a summer of fun. You don’t typically think of Sears when you think of classic boats, but damnit, if it’s good enough for the Brady Bunch, it’s good enough for you. This item will be sent through the Global Shipping Programme and includes international tracking. By clicking Confirm bid, you are committing to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder and have read and agree to the Global Shipping Programme terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab. By clicking 1 Click Bid, you are agreeing to buy this item from the seller if you're the winning bidder.
This is a private listing and your identity will not be disclosed to anyone except the seller.
Whether you like thongs, hip huggers, booty shorts or little lacy things that don’t even need names, the Panty Chaser will help you track them down.
This 1938 HackerCraft Twin Cockpit Runabout is as pretty as a Chris Craft, and the twin cockpit design with all that space in between adds a wonderful air of absurdity.
Construction of this HackerCraft Twin Cockpit Runabout began in the 1930s but it didn’t wrap up until five decades later. This 1982 Ski Centurion Trutrac is a classic ski boat, and it’s the kind of boat you notice instantly. Beige on light brown on brown on dark brown, that’s the interior scheme Ski Centurion chose for this 1982 Trutrac, the first boat the company produced for that model year. I would think someone trying to sell a $116,000 boat could take a better photo than this dimly lit bad angle garage shot, but I guess a boat like this Centurion Enzo FS44 sells itself.
The open bow on this Cheetah Stiletto is prefect for transporting any Taliban you apprehend out on the water. This beautiful blue and white Donzi 22 is a one-of-a-kind boat that was custom built for one of Donzi Marine’s test drivers. Coming across the block here we have another perfectly restored Switzer Craft from the personal collection of Peter J. This 1958 Stitzer Craft Switzer Combo hasn’t even been in the water since its restoration.
This 2011 Rivercraft Mc Race Boat hardly looks big enough to house 900 horses, but that’s exactly what the seller says. And then he was so swept up in the decision he ran out into the parking lot and started snapping photos right next to the drive-thru. The flamboyant Von Dutch paint job has apparently won awards, but I’ve never trusted the Von Dutch. Sure, those punk wake boarders and surfers think they own the lake, riding in the wake of their giant Moombas and Malibus, but you’ll outclass all of them when you grab a rope and hitch a ride behind this mahogany dream.

Thompson was the largest builder outboard boats in the world at one point, and this 16-foot mahogany runabout is a great example of the company’s Wisconsin-built boats.
This 1977 Challenger is painted that familiar orange and carries a big 01 on the side, but the name has been shortened and the Confederate Flag has been left in the past, so you can drive it without fear of protests at the boat landing. Luckily the stroked out 454 Chevy in this 1977 Challenger is plenty fast enough to stay ahead of the law. The 17-footer has its original Ford Holman Moody 302 and Borg Warner Velvet Drive Transmission. It looks sort of like a motorized whiskey barrel, not exactly what Chris Craft had in mind with it’s classic barrel stern designs, but to each his own.
It’s ready to go fast, and the 454 Chevy big block should satisfy your need for speed. But after one too many cheesy Jesus rock albums – I believe it was 1988’s In God We Trust that sealed the deal –  he took all his yellow and black leather and turned his attention to the restoration of this Champ.
They were made to pull water skiers, and this 1968 Ski Nautique will still do it quite well. Someone needs to buy the HUP Jet Lark mini jet boat we had listed yesterday and then get this 1968 GW Invader.
Ordinarily, the flames on the bow and fins of this fabulous Tomahawk would have me accusing the seller of all kinds of douche-baggery, but matched up with that purple and white scheme and the custom upholstery, it works in a wonderful old hotrod sort of way. This v-drive, yes, v-drive powered Donzi Sweet 16 has a supercharged 406 GM small block turning its prop… rapidly turning its prop. Clean Sweet 16s are hard to find, this v-drive model is as scarce as the gasoline that would have powered it in 1976.
Typically the early Belmonts were very smooth and fast looking fiberglass over wood boats manufactured out of Fresno, California .
I was unable to find any information on Belmonts from this era to know if that scoop is real, or an add-on.A wooden boat with trim tabs and an air scoop are definitely not the norm. Given the expense of restoration, the $26,000 reserve doesn’t seem out of line, but will most likely go unsold with similar wooden boats of the era selling in the high teens to low twenty thousand mark. I personally prefer the 1996 models with the single racing stripe running center through the hull over these 1997 models. The seller claims it’s a 15 on a 10 scale of rare – a fifty percent rare scale exceedance. Seller claims it’s mostly intact with the exception of the motor housing and the front seat frame. This 1964 Johnson OMC 17 is one of a kind, according to the seller, but the listing includes 9 pages of promotional literature, so I’m not sure production was really limited to one. It’s like they were all painted by schizophrenic comic book artists, for guys who wear lots of gold and think Vegas is a cultural mecca. It’s an 18-foot 1977 Demarrco jet boat, or as the owner refers to it, a White Purple Orange Turquoise Color Demarrco Jet Boat.
This is a rare 1966 14-foot Sears runabout, an unrestored time capsule, according to the seller. By clicking Confirm bid you commit to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder. Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount.
This 2015 Centurion Enzo FS44 is a pretty amazing ski boat, and it should be for almost $120,000.
Whether you want to take your friends wake boarding or host a rave, this boat is properly equipped. We’re talkin Daisy Dukes, cowboy boots, dirt roads, tailgates, John Deere tractors, the red, white & blue and this 2000 Cheetah Stiletto. There’s barely room for the driver and rear-facing passenger to tuck themselves in front of the engine. It is in excellent condition with the original 25-horse Johnson motor in perfect working order. The seller doesn’t say much about it, other than the fact that 454 Chevy in this 1977 Challenger has been stroked out to 496 cubic inches. The engine and transmission were working fine when when it was last used, but the boat has been left outside under a tarp, forgotten and neglected for far too long. This is number 64 of only 75 produced in 1973, and one of even fewer outfitted with the 350 Corvette engine and Volvo 270 Velvet Drive. Who restores a 70-year-old mahogany boat — and does this nice a job — and then puts a Nissan on the back? It still looks good today. The Lancer is a 19-foot ski boat with a 327 Chevy and Volvo Penta outdrive, all in good original condition and good mechanical condition. This HUP Jet Lark is located in Cedar City, Utah, which is an easy two-hour drive east from Vegas on a cool desert night if you put some foot into the pedal of a 1976 Ford Thunderbird.
Old Gib kept his lawn tight, and he wasn’t about to let that punk Michaelson kid who delivered the newspaper ride his bike across his perfectly manicured grass.
The boat has picked up a few dings since its restoration in 2004, but it’s still in great shape. Of all the outboard-powered bad ideas we’ve covered, this Sea Kart probably makes the most sense.
This 1956 Feathercraft Vegabond II wouldn’t get a second look if not for its very sexy barrel back behind. This restored 16′ Belmont double cockpit has a very cool look to it, especially with that stern intake. New paint, new 355 GM motor, new outdrive components, new interior, new carpet, restored trailer.
There’s a spare tire and a nice carpet remnant, and what may or may not be a body wrapped up in a sheet between the front seats.
So if you’re still looking to get that badge on your way up the scouting chain, this could be your ticket.
This 1971 Holman Moody-equipped Ski Nautique will scratch both itches. The motor was rebuilt a couple years ago, and with the through-hull exhaust, it produces a rumble that rivals anything on two axles.
If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable.
This 1986 Sutphen Ocean Pacer offshore race boat won’t hurt your reputation with the ladies, and those twin 454 Chevy big blocks will have them crawling into your cockpit. This is the first competition ski boat made by Centurion for the 1982 model year, built specially made for the San Francisco-Oakland International Boat Show in September of 1981. It has everything, and everything is beautiful, but the mere fact you can pay this much for a ski boat is sort of mind boggling.
The Stars and Stripes are incorporated everywhere, inside and out, so there should be no question what country holds your allegiance.
Everything on it is either new or rebuilt, including the original 283 Chevy engine, which only has 15 hours on it since the rebuild. This Spiko SK is packing a 1955 Corvette 265 engine, one of 700 originally manufactured engines of that year with a four barrel carburetor. The boat is in pretty good shape. It has the classic beefy bow of a Chris Craft, but from the windshield back it looks a lot like an early 80s Mastercraft. If you took the interior out of this boat, it would just like the lawn furniture my grandma had when I was a kid, which is really quite fitting considering my grandpa was a boat dealer. But this 2000 Mercury Water Mouse is barely big enough to be a house or more than one mouse. The two-tone mahogany continues inside, and it looks brilliant against the all white upholstery. It saw some saltwater in its previous life, but it’s been all freshwater since the total restoration in 2007.
This little 10-foot racer looks nicer than the Jet Lark, and it has two real seats, but it’s every bit as odd. And this Tomahawk would look a lot better if you ditched the 80s Evinrude and powered it up with something more aesthetically correct. It’s somewhere between an early jet ski and a small hydroplane, and it actually provides a semi-legitimate drivers seat and solid footholds. Powered by a much newer mid-80s model Mercury outboard, this little tin can would look good at any vintage boat show with an outboard closer to its birthday. Hull registraion numbers show a previous New Jersey home but this boat now resides in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota.
The highlight of this boat is definitely the red Mercury Kiekhaefer outboard motor, which is unfortunately not included in the sale. The seller does a nice job of presenting the boat’s condition though a variety of photos.
It’s actually a rare and interesting jet boat, perfect for the family that always wanted a jet ski everyone could fit on at the same time.
You sit on top of this jet ski predecessor with a seat and footwell setup that seems guaranteed to send that odd lever sticking out of the center of the steering wheel straight through your chest the first time you make a mistake. The third magnificent element in this listing is the fact that it notes the bilge pump is strong. Unfortunately, that eloquent quote is all the seller has to say about this (maybe?) 1970 Sea Sprite. For the price of this Centurion Enzo, you can buy two dozen 1988 Ski Nautique 2001s, and those are pretty capable ski boats in their own right. The 710-horse ILMOR V-10 Viper engine will push well over 100 mph, and it has less than 16 hours total run time. The double cockpit design with controls in the back accentuates the long, narrow hull, sort of like having a steering wheel in the back of a canoe. The Mastercraft trailer has also been restored, but you’ll have to buy it separately for another $550. The old Correct Crafts are getting more and more collectible, and this Mustang deserves to be restored to her original glory.

This Century hasn’t even been in the water since the engine was rebuilt, and it has new carpet and upholstery. It’s a beauttiful shade of blue and the stripes and all-white interior give it clean, classic hot rod feel – appropriate on a boat built for the sole purpose of going fast. It’s been in storage for the past 25 years, but the 35-horse Evinrude Lark was allegedly running fine when this boat was last pulled out of Houghton Lake up in Northern Michigan.
This 1977 Mako Starpacer is a prototype that never went into production, or so the seller believes. The mid-80s-ish 25-horse Evinrude runs great and the boat is ready to race in circles on a tiny little pond somewhere. This Tomahawk Ski Mate is located in East Troy Wisconsin, about four hours southeast of its birthplace, and it’s listed on eBay with a current bid of only $5,800. It sort of makes it look like some sort of ground-hugging hover cruiser from a far-off sand planet.
Regardless, the boat appears to be in very nice condition with newly upholstered seats, a functional trailer and that sexy booty. The seller will let it go with any variety of outboard powered options including twin Mercurys, single Evinrude or even no motor.
The seller of this U19 states it has low hours (however how many that means is not disclosed) and is in very clean, garage kept condition. The nicely restored boat is listed here on Craig’s List though, anxiously awaiting your choice of power plant for only $2,000. It’s nothing so cool you absolutely have to have it, but with a proper restore I think it could be a fun towable. If you’re looking for a project this boat is offered at $3,000 with no reserve in Middle River, Maryland. From the snazzy multi-photo ALL-CAPS sell sheet, however, it’s clear this beauty is powered by a 25-horse Mariner.
The 55-horse Chrysler is just about as ugly as an outboard can be, but it fires up on the first turn. It included a VHS copy of Forest Gump, a Sega Saturn, and my life-sized poster of the cast of Friends. This 24-foot Cheetah has been christened The Taliban Hunter, and all that custom upholstery is exactly what you’ll need to help fight those damn Taliban when they try to take over your lake. It says the engine is a Nissan RB 26-30, but the RB26 and RB30 are two different engines, and neither of them produce the 900 horsepower this boat reportedly delivers. If you want a Chris Craft, but you’re not ready to trade on-the-lake excitement for the vintage boat show circuit, this is the perfect boat. This Thompson Sea Coaster is located in Lake Forest, Illinois, and you can Buy It Now for $4,950. It’s located in Johnson City, Tennessee, so rock me mama like a wagon wheel, and buy this Mustang.
You could also pull that 265 out and use it on your Corvette restoration project, but that would be sort of a shame. It looks like restoration didn’t make it all the way to the dash, but you can probably find someone to fix the trap door on that cassette deck. This Chris Craft Corsair Sport is awaiting you in Minneapolis, and you can Buy It Now for a paltry $4,495. It has new paint, decals, carpet, upholstery, gas tank, battery and gas lines, and it’s only had two owners in 65 years.
The red-toned mahogany looks like the body of a fine instrument. Everything on this Rockholt has been redone, including the Chrysler engine.
This was once a corporate boat owned by JLG, the forklift company, but the orange and white interior with brown accents and those big seats bear a strong resemblance to the inside of a 1970s A&W.
The interior is simple but nice, and the dual cockpit design just makes it that much more interesting. Pick up this Cutter Jet deVill, get a vintage outboard that fits, and keep the style alive. Right side up and finished, it’ll probably look like it belongs on the most cultured shorelines of our own planet.
Every single one is a masterpiece – especially the early models manufactured out of cedar with a canvas skin.
Find it ending soon on eBay in Beeton, Ontario currently at $2,150 with the reserve not met. It was actually a police and fire rescue boat, and it definitely has that sort of Baywatch look to it. It’s a snappy little 12-foot two-seater with a 70-horse Yamaha and a BILL BEE paint job.
Most people would opt to mix in a standard horizontal shot or two, but av3ng3d tells a different story with his lens. You don’t see many 45-year-old ski boats that look like this, and the old Nautiques throw a wake that costs $80,000 today. This brand new Centurion Enzo FS44 is located in Red Wing, Minnesota, a hearty Midwest town built on the shores of the Mighty Mississippi. This Cheetah Stiletto is located in Needles, California, and it’s listed on eBay with a current bid of only $510. This is the only Donzi 22 built using vacuum bag construction and composite materials with a cored hull. Unfortunately, the Underhills aren’t going to pick up the tab for this Chris Craft Super Sport. The front seats look like someone took the legs off two kitchen chairs and screwed them to a bench, but all the upholstery is original. Mostly I just want to see more of every part of this Larson Falls Flyer because it’s so damn cool.
The sleek little hull is wrapped around a brand new 509 big block Chevy with enough high-end aftermarket parts and components to start your own racing shop. This 18-foot Century Sabre is located in Lansing, Michigan, and you can Buy It Now for $8,000. The seller has invested over $32,000 in this 1968 Champion Champ, but you can Buy It Now for $19,500. Luckily there’s no requirement you be a rodent to own one of these fun little two-seaters. The Root Bear would look right at home in this boat. This 1973 Chris Craft XK22 is out in Boulder City, Nevada.
Them are honest folk up there, so she’ll probably be good to go with new plugs and fresh fuel.
But I like this 16-foot Thomboy, so I took matters into my own hands and eliminated the problem.
This Cutter is trailered and ready to go in Parker, Pennsylvania, and you can Buy It Now for only $1,100.
This Nautica World Spinnaker Sea Kart was made in italy in the late 70s or early 80s, but it’s powered by a 1996 25-horse Evinrude.
Here’s your chance to own one, find it here on eBay in Hallandale, Florida with a $17,900 Buy it Now.
The list of custom features is too long to include, but rest assured, this Donzi 22 is no average boat. It’s only 10 feet long, and that 25-horse Mercury outboard will push it in the mid-20s. This 1958 Wagemaker Wolverine – appropriate name for Michigan – has moved from Lake Houghton to Millington, but it’s on eBay now with an opening bid of $4,000.
Sears made boats for real people, and since they don’t exist anymore, this one is perfect for the hipster looking for a new (old) ironic way to show everyone how original (contrived) he is.
And that paint job includes a Cancer Awareness dedication, so you can cure cancer, and go fast.
The red carpet is a nice complement to the white hull and upholstery and all the fresh chrome.
You can set up a coffee table and serve finger sandwiches to your passengers when you take it out. You don’t need to slalom at 100 mph, but you should check out this 2011 Rivercraft Mc Race Boat. This 1988 Donzi Testarossa Minx is located near a Dunkin Donuts in Toms River, New Jersey, and you can Buy It Now for $16,500. This Hondo T-Deck Runner Bottom is located in Lake Havasu, Arizona, and you can Buy It Now for $34,995. This Mercury Water Mouse is located in Antioch, Tennessee, and you can Buy It Now for $4,500. The original Chrysler 318 is running fine and this 1968 Correct Craft Ski Nautique is ready to go.
This 1958 Switzer Combo is located in Holly, Michigan, and it’s listed on eBay with a starting bid of $5,500.
It’s located in Sellersville, Pennsylvania, and you can Buy It Now for for only $7,500. This 1976 Wriedt is located in Clarksville, Virginia, and it’s listed with a Buy It Now price of $9,000. Anyway, you can have this Thompson Thomboy for $11,500 if you make the trek to Moneta, Virginia.

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